2015 UC Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award Nomination Deadline Extended

The UC Chapter of Sigma Xi has extended the deadline for nominations for the Faculty Young Investigator Award to Monday February 2nd. Details can be found under Chapter Programs and Awards.

Frogs Prove Ideal Models for Studying Developmental Timing

Jinyoung Choi - a recipient of a 2014 Grants-in-aid-of-Research from the Sigma Xi National Office - reports on research that shows that thyroid hormone receptor alpha plays an important role in hind limb development in frogs. Read the complete story.

Jure Zupan - 2014 Sigma Xi Young Investigator Awardee

With the discovery of the Higgs boson particle in July 2012, the science media has taken a greater interest in the work of physicists, including UC professor Dr. Jure Zupan.

“Professor Zupan has written several important papers on the Higgs physics since its discovery,” says UC physics professor, Dr. Rohana Wijewardhana. “One of them has helped establish that the discovered particle is indeed the Higgs, rather than a Higgs imposter.”

Jure Zupan For Dr. Zupan’s work with the Higgs boson and his continued contributions to particle physics (particularly in the areas of dark matter and quarks), the UC chapter of Sigma Xi has honored Dr. Zupan with the 2014 Young Investigator Award. This award recognizes a junior faculty member, currently in his/her early career, for distinguished research accomplishments in a science or engineering field.

As a particle physics phenomenologist, Dr. Zupan works on the theory side of physics. Unlike the physicists who oversee the particle collision experiments – such as the experiments conducted in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland – Dr. Zupan’s work involves trying to interpret the results from these experiments while also making predictions of what phenomena could appear in future experiments. The predictions of the theoretical physics community are very important, as they inform what data will be recorded during future experiments. 

“There’s been very rapid experimental and theoretical progress in quite a few areas of particle physics right now,” he said. “It’s a very exciting time to be working in this field.”

And Dr. Zupan is at the top of his field. “Jure [Zupan] is one of the top ten particle physics phenomenologists of his generation,” says Dr. Alex Kagan, fellow UC physics professor. Dr. Wijewardhana adds, “Since coming to the University of Cincinnati, Professor Zupan has made many well-recognized contributions to the areas of particle physics and astrophysics. He has been one of the most prolific particle theorists in the world.” Furthermore, the U.S. National Science Foundation recently recognized Dr. Zupan with a prestigious Early Career Award for his proposal “Dark Matter and Flavor.”

Dr. Zupan said he was very honored – and very happy – to learn that he was the 2014 Young Investigator Award recipient. “The winner from last year was very impressive, so I was quite pleasantly surprised,” Dr. Zupan says. “It’s nice to be recognized by a community larger than your own specialized field.”

The award certificate and $500 honorarium were presented at a spring Sigma Xi meeting.  As part of the award, Dr. Zupan will present a lecture on his research during the fall Sigma Xi meeting. The Young Investigator Award was funded by the UC chapter of Sigma Xi and the UC Office of Research.

This article was written by Megan Tischner, program coordinator for the Graduate School, and originally appeared in the Summer 2014 Issue of GradCurrents.


2014 National Sigma Xi GIAR Award Winners

Congratulations to UC Students who received National Sigma Xi GIAR Awards in March 2014!
Jinyoung Choi (Physiology/Functional Morphology); Yuguang Liu (Engineering); Stella Mosher (Ecology) and Brent Stoffer (Behavior Ecology)


2014 UC Sigma Xi Award Winners

Congratulations to our winners for 2014!
2014 Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award
Jure Zupan, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, The McMicken College of Arts & Science

2013-2014 UC Sigma Xi Outstanding Science/Mathematics High School Teacher Award for Greater Cincinnati.
Joe Gray, Notre Dame Academy

2014 Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid-of-Research Award
Jinyoung Choi, Biological Sciences, Advisor: Dr. Daniel Buchholz
Erika Freimuth, Geology, Advisor: Dr. Aaron Diefendorf
Rachel Gilbert, Biological Sciences, Advisor: Dr. George Uetz
Matthew Vrazo, Geology, Advisor: Dr. Carlton Brett

These awards are funded by our local UC Chapter of Sigma Xi, the UC Office of Research, and The Graduate School.

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