Strategic Collaborative Grant Program
Request for Proposals
2016 Strategic Collaborative Grant Program – Request for Proposals

UC Office of Research – Strategic Implementation

Purpose: This program is designed to support and broaden strategic research efforts that involve a cross-disciplinary, cross-campus collaboration between UC faculty from a minimum of three different colleges and is inclusive of both East and West Campuses. Furthermore, the research activities must involve a minimum of three different disciplines (this may or may not involve three different departments). The goal of this program is to establish, promote and enhance strong research teams that can produce competitive proposals to federal funding agencies for large, multi-million dollar interdisciplinary research opportunities. This program is part of UC’s Third Century commitment to invest in strategic research initiatives and to create Centers of Excellence in the five research areas described in the strategic plan.

This is an open solicitation. Interested parties are encouraged to review the Office of Research Strategic Plan, entitled “Creating our 3rd Century”, and the Office of Research Cross-Disciplinary Team Research website for resources related to team science and how to create strong research teams.

Preproposals and full proposals should demonstrate an alignment with the strategic plan as well as a commitment to team science principles.

Research teams that meet the above requirements and responded to last year’s RFP are encouraged to resubmit. Research teams that meet the above requirements and have submitted a proposal to an external funding agency and did NOT receive an award are encouraged to submit a revised preproposal to this solicitation. For these preproposals, copies of the prior grant reviews are required along with the other submission requirements.

Eligibility: The Principal Investigators must be UC faculty members with at least an 80% FTE appointment; not limited to AAUP-represented faculty. Faculty from UC’s affiliates (CCHMC, VA and Shriners) with joint appointments in a UC department are eligible to participate, but may not be lead investigators. Visiting faculty, faculty from other institutions, and researchers from industry and federal laboratories are encouraged to be part of the research teams but will not receive financial compensation. Letters of collaboration are required from external partners. Allowable costs will typically be those associated with successful completion of a research project and may include faculty salaries, research assistant salaries (post docs, graduate and undergraduate students), services, materials, equipment, etc. Research teams are encouraged to include a part-time program manager/coordinator in the proposed budget to assist with administrative responsibilities of carrying out the project.

Funding Priorities: Proposals will be evaluated based on scientific and intellectual merit, likelihood of success (successful completion of proposed research and ability to obtain subsequent, extramural funding), and the overall quality and depth of the research team. Proposals are requested with an overall cost within the following range: $25,000 (min) to $125,000 (max).

Awards: Multiple awards are anticipated. Up to $375,000 will be available for this program. The Office of Research – Strategic Implementation reserves the right to disperse all or a portion of the available funds. The award period is 18 months beginning July 2016. Two-thirds of the overall award will be dispersed at the onset of the project. The remaining funds will be dispersed in July 2017 with prior notification to the granter that at least one grant proposal has been submitted by the research team to an external funding source. Additional deliverables will include 6 and 12-month progress reports and a final report. Dr. Taylor and team science evaluation consultants will also hold quarterly meetings with the awardees to review technical and team science progress.

Review and Selection Process: Preproposals submitted in response to this RFP will be reviewed by current members of the Cross Disciplinary Task Force (CDTF). Based on these initial reviews, a subset of the preproposals will be invited to prepare full proposals following a subsequent meeting with Dr. Taylor where the collaborative nature of the research teams is explored in some detail. Members of the CDTF will also review the full proposals with additional external reviewers added as deemed necessary. Dr. Taylor will be responsible for assuring that no conflict of interest issues arise during the entire review process. The CDTF will then conduct an assessment of the full proposal panel reviews and rankings and present final recommendations to Dr. Taylor and the Vice-President of Research for final approval.

Preproposals will be due Friday January 15, 2016. Preproposal instructions are provided here.

Office of Research - Strategic Collaborative Grant Program

Subject to change, but it is anticipated that full proposals will be requested by Thursday March 31, 2016 with awards announced by Wednesday June 15, 2016.