Strategic Collaborative Grant Program

Trans-Disciplinary Research Leadership Program


The goal of the Trans-disciplinary Research Leadership Program is to provide an academic year-long trans-disciplinary team research leadership development training for an elite group of promising future leaders. The focus will be on practical mentoring and collaborative research project development across disciplines with an actionable deliverable at the end of the ear to begin or expand collaborative research.


While this program is targeted for mid-career to early senior faculty (late Associate - early Full), all qualified faculty at all levels will be considered. The faculty must have demonstrated successful trans-disciplinary research accomplishments or interest and potential to be successful in this area.

Application Requirements

The applicant must submit the following in a single pdf file:

1. The Trans-disciplinary Research Leadership Program Certification Cover Page signed by the Dean     and Unit/Department Head
2. A personal statement of 800 to 1200 words including examples or vision of trans-disciplinary work
3. A letter of support from the Unit/Department Head including:
     a. Demonstrated transdisciplinary record or potential
     b. Leadership potential
     c. Cost-share/resource plan
4. Name and contact information of three references (colleagues, collaborators, etc.) who can comment     on applicant’s suitability and/or potential for this program
5. Current curriculum vitae

Terms of Participation

  • Scholars who are chosen to participate in the Trans-disciplinary Research Leadership Program agree to work with a group of up to 7 Scholars and 4 Distinguished Mentors in order to be trained as leaders in trans-disciplinary team research and identify team-based, fundable projects.

  • Commit to 5 hours per week for program work during 2 consecutive semesters - Fall through Spring (2 hours of hard (contact/meeting) time and 3 hours of soft (individual work) time)

  • During the Fall semester the trainees will brainstorm to identify possible projects related to the theme. They will learn how to create a team to work on the project (fulfilling unique and synergistic roles) as well as how to draft a proposal – including a budget. The total budget can be up to $140,000.

  • During the Spring semester the group will work as a team to actualize the proposed project(s) identified during the Fall semester.

  • There will be a kick-off half-day retreat either immediately before or at the start of the Fall semester 2017 to introduce scholars to each other and the mentors, to establish expectations, and to initiate the mentoring process to build leadership and collaboration skills.

  • There will be a booster session in early January before classes begin to reignite the process, revisit the purpose, goals, and deliverables, and to assess supports/needs/challenges for the upcoming term.
    Deliverables include: 2 project update reports/presentations per semester and the final presentation on identified team research proposals

  • Scholars and mentors will engage in evaluation data collection activities to assess progress toward program goals.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2016

Applicants will be notified by December 19, 2016 regarding the status of their application. Applications and questions should be submitted to: