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  • Margaret M. Hanson, PhD
  • Associate Dean for Natural Sciences, Professor
  • McMicken Hall —0367
  • (513) 556-5896


  • PhD: University of Colorado, 1995
  • M.S.: University of Colorado, 1993
  • B.S.: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1988
  • B.S.: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1988

Post Graduate Training/Education

  • Hubble Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
    10/01/1995-09/31/1998, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Current Research:

  • 1009550 National Science Foundation. MASSCLEAN: A powerful new tool for the study of stellar clusters This research program addresses a broad set of astrophysical questions using image simulations, a notably distinct approach that will make significant advances in stellar cluster analysis and lead to better constrained cluster characteristics in both resolved and unresolved systems. - Grant, PI, Active.
  • NASA. IDEAS Grant Program Engaging young minds through Astronomy - Grant, Co-PI
  • 0607497 National Science Foundation. Revealing our Galaxy's Massive Star Clusters - Grant, PI, Active.
  • The Astronomical Journal, American Astronomical Society. Salary & Incidentals as Assoc. Editor-in-Chief The Astronomical Journal Assoc. Editor-in-Chief - Contract, PI, Active.
  • 0094050 National Science Foundation. CAREER: Spectral Analysis of Massive Stars in the Near-Infrared - Grant, P.I., Completed.
  • 9973922 National Science Foundation. Sub-mm Studies of Massive Star Forming Regions - Grant, P.I., Completed.
  • NSF 1035323 National Science Foundation. Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Track Phase II - Grant, Co-PI, Active.
  • 0434086 National Science Foundation. Cincinnati Robert Noyce Scholarship Partnership - Grant, Co-PI, Completed.
  • HST-GO-10172.01-A National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Our Galaxy's Most Promising Super Star Cluster Candidate, Westerlund1: Tip of the Iceberg?, PI, Active.
  • DGE-1102690 National Science Foundation. 2010-2011 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, PI, Active.
  • AST-0607497 National Science Foundation. Revealing Our Galaxy's Massive Star Clusters, PI, Closed.
  • AST-0094050 National Science Foundation. Spectral Analysis of Massive Stars in the Near-Infrared, PI, Closed.
  • AST 9973922-NCE National Science Foundation. Sub-Millimeter Studies of Massive Star Forming Regions, PI, Closed.
  • AST-1009550 National Science Foundation. Massclean: A Powerful New Tool for the Study of Stellar Clusters, PI, Active.
  • DGE-1610397 National Science Foundation. Graduate Research Fellowship Program, PI, Awarded.

Recent Awards/Honors:

  • Young Investigator Award, Sigma Xi, 2010
  • Science & Technology Award, Leading Women of Cincinnati, 2003
  • Edith C. Alexander Award for Distinguished Teaching, 2002
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2001
  • Elected Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society, 2011

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