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At our research-intensive, urban public university, we are proud to embolden the next generation of research pioneers. Our world-renowned researchers and scholars collaborate across disciplines, colleges and campuses as they address the most pressing challenges throughout the world and in our communities.

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Looking for the next big idea in a trans-disciplinary lab where clinical trials are changing lives.

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The Office of Research is accelerating research at University of Cincinnati and economic growth in our region by connecting industry, government, and community leaders with the University of Cincinnati thought leaders and innovators. Together, we can positively impact the lives, environment, and the economy in our region and beyond. Some of our key research strengths are highlighted below.

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Events + Training

Online Training

Conflicts of interest in research

Target Audience: All faculty and staff who conduct research at UC

Research Office: Office for Ethics in Industry Engagement

Faculty and staff who participate in funded research at the University of Cincinnati must complete training on promoting objectivity in research. This training is required every four years, at a minimum, due to federal regulations governing conflicts of interest in research. The course for meeting this requirement is available in the UC online training application CPD (Continuous Professional Development). If you are a UC employee and have not completed the Conflict of Interest Training, you will not be able to complete your Outside Activity Report.

Training Link

Online Training

Export Compliance for Researchers

Target Audience: All personnel conducting restricted work

Research Office: Export Controls

All personnel conducting restrictive work must complete Export Control training. The Export Compliance training is available online and is provided by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) at the University of Miami. The courses in CITI, “Export Compliance for Researchers part I and II”, are required for all personnel participating in restricted work. These courses are optional for all other University of Cincinnati faculty, staff and students, but is highly recommended.

For a more detailed, in person training, please contact the Export Control Office.
Tara Wood, Director of Export Controls, Office of Research Integrity

Online Training

FDA regulated research activities Training

Target Audience: All principal investigators, co-principal investigators, and study coordinators engaged in FDA regulated research

Research Office: Human Research Protection Program

This online and live training includes 11 modules pertaining to FDA regulated research activities and is required to completed annually. These modules are specific to UC.

Available online: training listed under Human Subjects Research Compliance Training -  instructions on accessing the modules

Available in person: annually (dates/times vary)
Jackie Glass, CCRP, Quality Assurance Auditor

Online Training

Risks of experiments involving viral vectors

Target Audience: Open to the public and UC researchers who plan to work with viral vectors

Research Office: Biosafety Office

This online training provides information on how to assess the risks of experiments involving viral vectors as well as the safety precautions to be adopted. Training modules include and introduction as well as information on the most commonly used viral vectors.

Available online: web training site
Marcia Espinola, DVM, Director of Biosafety Office, Office of Research Integrity

Online Training

Shipment of biohazard materials regulations

Target Audience: UC researchers who plan to ship biohazard materials

Research Office: Biosafety Office

This online training provides information on the shipment of biohazard materials and helps the user identify if the materials within the package are regulated and what steps are required to comply. There are four training modules, each with a short quiz. Training certificates for this course are valid for 2 years.

Available online: shipping training site
Marcia Espinola, DVM, Director of Biosafety Office, Office of Research Integrity

Online Training

Healthcare Worker (Recertification)

Target Audience: Healthcare providers that will work with patients who are undergoing radiation therapy and require recertification.

Research Office: Radiation Safety

This online course is for the required for annual recertification. Please note, review and completion of the Radiation Safety Self-Learning Package is required prior to taking the online course.

Available to be accessed online through the Center for Continuous Development 
Radiation Safety Office, 513-558-4110

Training Upon Request

Assigned IACUC Training Modules

Target Audience: All personnel who will work with vertebrate animals

Research Office: Animal Care and Use Program

Individuals registering for IACUC Training will in most instances be assigned one to four online training modules to complete, that accompanies the “live” training. All the assigned modules must be completed before the IACUC Office would be permitted to add any individual to the protocol. It is preferable to complete all assigned modules before coming to the “live” training session. By doing so, this will usually expedite the amount of time it will take to actually be added to the animal use protocol, providing an Addition of Personnel form is also brought to the “live” training session.

IACUC Training Coordinator, IACUC Office, Office of Research Integrity

Training Upon Request

BioSafety Cabinets

Target Audience: UC researchers who use biosafety cabinets as part of their research experiments Available upon request

Research Office: Biosafety Office

This live training includes instructions on the proper selection, care, use and maintenance of biological safety cabinets. Approximately 40 minutes.

Marcia Espinola, DVM, Director of Biosafety Office, Office of Research Integrity

Training Upon Request

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Orientation/ Training

Target Audience: All personnel who will work with vertebrate animals

Research Office: Animal Care and Use Program

Both OLAW and the USDA require proper training of all personnel who will work with vertebrate animals. At the University of Cincinnati, all personnel must attend in person Orientation prior to working with animals and online retraining every 3 years thereafter. Orientation sessions are provided on a regular monthly basis. As research staff are added to protocols, their experience is reviewed, and they must attend appropriate training before working with animals.

Occurs twice monthly: IACUC Training Schedule
IACUC Training Coordinator (IACUC.Training@uc.edu), IACUC Office, Office of Research Integrity