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Coeus is a research administration system comprised of semi-independent modules that perform most non-financial central office sponsored research functions plus proposal development, routing and approval.

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Coeus Log-in

Coeus Lite: Click here.

Instructions to install Coeus Premium:

Go to:

Click on “Launch Coeus Premium”

This should install files and then prompt for login screen. If installing Coeus for first time the application might require following setup as well: - On the Security Warning screen select START - On the Desktop Integration Process screen, select “YES” to install a shortcut to Coeus on your desktop.

Contact SRS if there are any questions.

If the above does not work try installing Java from below link and try the above again. Download Java


UCit and the Sponsored Research Service office continue to work to provide accurate reporting of Coeus data. Please visit the SRS Coeus Reporting page for more information.

Please direct your Coeus questions to

Coeus Proposal Development
is maintained by

Sponsored Research Services

Chris Jones, Director

Mailing Address:

Sponsored Research Services
University of Cincinnati
University Hall, Suite 530
P.O. Box 210222
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0222

Street Address:

University Hall, Suite 530
51 Goodman Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0222

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