• Bachelor of Science in Nursing: University of Cincinnati , 1991
  • Ph.D. : University of California San Francisco , 2015

Research/Clinical Interests

  • My research interests include: Perceived Stress, Women's Health, Midlife Women's Issues, Stress-Reduction, Aging, Symptom Experience, and Long-Term Health Outcomes. My research uses mixed-methods to understand the unique stressors affecting midlife women and the effects of chronic stress on long-term health outcomes and aging. I am interested in the clinical expression of stress as demonstrated by physiological and genomic biomarkers and symptom experience. 

    My clinical experience, expertise, and interests include: Primary Care, Health Promotion, Community Health, and Vulnerable Populations.


  • Registered Nurse First Assist, UCLA Extension Program, 2008
  • Controlled Substance Registration Certificate, Drug Enforcement Administration, 2001
  • National Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2000
  • Certified/ Furnishing Nurse Practitioner, California Board of Nursing, 2000
  • Registered Nurse, Ohio Board of Nursing, 1991
  • Certified Nurse Practitioner, Ohio Board of Nursing, 2001

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Professional Affiliations
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  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners, PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP
  • Sigma Theta Tau (Zeta Mu & Alpha Eta chapters), PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP
  • National Black Nurses Association (San Diego chapter), PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP
  • Western Institute of Nursing, PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP
  • Disaster Medical Assist Team (DMAT), PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP
  • American Nurses Association, PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP
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Positions and Work Experience
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  • 06/20/2014-08/20/2015,Certified Nurse Practitioner – Family Practice,• Provide primary care and preventive care services for acute and chronic conditions. • Responsible for ordering, reviewing, and following up on all pertinent diagnostic tests and results. ,Family Health Centers of San Diego ,San Diego
  • 09/20/2012-03/20/2014,Certified Nurse Practitioner- Department of Anesthesia,• Perform pre-operative examination and obtain relevant history for pre-operative patients. • Consult and collaborate with members of the health care team in an effort to ensure patient safety during the perioperative period. • Educate patients about anesthesia, options, and risks. ,UCSD Medical Center, Hillcrest, CA,Hillcrest, CA
  • 07/20/2006-09/20/2012,Certified Nurse Practitioner- Department of General Surgery,• Assist in management of hospitalized post-surgical patients • Provide post –operative out-patient follow up for appropriate patients. • Facilitate clinic flow for attending physicians. • Perform First Assistant duties in O.R. • Facilitate maintenance of surgical resident’s 80-hour work-week ,UCSD Thornton Hospital, La Jolla, CA,La Jolla, CA
  • 01/20/2006-07/20/2006,Certified Nurse Practitioner- Internal Medicine,• Provide primary care and preventive care services. • Responsible for ordering, reviewing, and following up on all pertinent diagnostic tests and results. • Patient counseling, education, and referrals 1/2006-7/2006 and 11/ 2001-4/2005,Caring Hearts Medical Clinic, Chula Vista, CA,Chula Vista, CA
  • 04/20/2005-01/20/2006,Nurse Practitioner- Internal Medicine/ Occupational Medicine,• Provided management of occupational injuries. • Familiar with workman’s compensation regulations and paperwork. • Provided primary/ preventive care with an emphasis in Internal Medicine. ,Scripps Clinic- Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA ,La Jolla, CA
  • 2000-2002,Certified Nurse Practitioner- Adult and Geriatric Care,• Provided primary care services for adult and geriatric patients through routine follow up and urgent visits. • Maintained continuity of care through appropriate follow up, referrals, and consultations. • Provided acute care via consultation, patient triage, and in-home visitation ,Mobile Doctor, San Marcos, CA ,San Marcos, CA
  • 1996-2001,STAFF RN, MEDICAL-SURGICAL UNITS,• Provided conscious sedation, post-procedure care and screenings for Interventional Radiology procedures and diagnostic tests. ,SCRIPPS HOSPITAL NURSING REGISTRY, SAN DIEGO, CA ,SAN DIEGO, CA
  • 1994-1996,Nurse Clinician, STD clinic,• Provided acute care management, diagnosis, and treatment to male and female patients presenting for STD screening. • Assisted in the clinical training of students and consultation to outside health care providers and disease intervention specialists. ,Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati, OH,Cincinnati, OH
  • 1993-1994,Public Health Nurse II ,• Assisted physicians with routine care and minor surgical procedures. • Provided patient guidance, counseling, and education. • Conducted lead poisoning follow-up, newborn screenings and vaccination management. ,Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati, OH,Cincinnati, OH
  • 1991-1995,Registered Nurse, Medical-Surgical Float Pool,• Worked within all medical-surgical units, providing relevant patient care and education. • Supervised LVN patient load and directed patient care. ,University Hospital/ Holmes Hospital, Cincinnati, OH,Cincinnati, OH
  • 08/20/2015,Assistant Professor,Assume all duties required of a tenured tract professor including, but not limited to, research, course development and instruction, student instruction and mentoring, inter-professional collaboration, service, and professional practice.,University of Cincinnati College of Nursing,Cincnnati, OH
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Peer Reviewed Publications (in chronological order)
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  • Jones, H.J., Huang, A., Subak, L.L., & Lee, K. (2016). (In Press). ‘Bladder Symptoms in the Early Menopause Transition’. . Journal of Women & apos;s Health. doi:DOI: 10.1089/jwh.2015.5370
  • Jones, H.J., Sternberg, R.M., Janson, S., & Lee, K. (2016). (In Progress). A Qualitative Understanding of Midlife Sources of Stress and Support in African American Women; Feeling the need to Fix Everything Everything . the Journal of the National Black Nurses Association.
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Invited Presentations
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  • Jones, H.J (04/20/2015). ‘Sleep Disturbance Due to Urinary Frequency in Midlife Women’.Western Institute of Nursing
  • Jones, H.J (12/20/2015). ‘Nursing Careers Paths and Opportunities’. ,Canada College, Redwood City.
  • Jones, H.J (11/20/2013). ‘Stress and Symptom Experience Prior to the Onset of Menopause’ .SDBNA CEU presentation
  • Jones, H.J (08/20/2013). ‘Stress and Symptom Experience Prior to the Onset of Menopause’. ,NBNA Women’s Health Institute.
  • Jones, H.J (04/20/2013). ‘Health Promotion & Prevention in the Elderly’. ,San Francisco State University.
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Poster Presentations
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  • Jones, H.J (07/20/2015). (In Press). ‘Factors Associated With Sleep Disturbance in Midlife Women’.Sigma Theta Tau International ConferenceProfessional Meeting. National
  • Jones, H.J (05/20/2015). ‘Perceived Stress and Symptom Experience in Pre- and Post-Menopausal Women’.UCSF State of the Science on Symptoms Management National
  • Jones, H.J (05/20/2013). ‘Stress and Symptom Experience Prior to the Onset of Menopause’.UCSF Poster Palooza
  • Jones, H.J (10/20/2012). ‘Stress and Symptom Experience Prior to the Onset of Menopause’ .UCSF Health Disparities Research Symposium
  • Jones, H.J (2015). Nursing Career Paths and Education Requirements.NCNW Annual STEM Workshop
  • Jones, H. J. & Lee, K. A. (10/13/2015). The Effects of Bio-Psycho-Social Stressors on Telomere Length in Post-Menopause.NINR 30th Anniversary Scientific Symposium ,Bethesda, MA. National
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Recent Awards/Honors
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  • National Black Nurses Association scholarship recipient,2012,2014
  • UCSF Century Club Research Award,2014
  • Symptoms Management NIH T32 Fellowship, UCSF,2011,2014
  • Caring Hearts Medical Foundation Board member ,2014
  • Graduate Division Earle C. Anthony Travel Award ,2013
  • 10-year service award –Caring Hearts Medical Foundation,2011
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Faculty Development Activities
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  • ‘Symptom Management Strategies with Tai Chi for Stroke Rehabilitation’ ,Other(07/20/2015). ,Moderator: ‘Symptom Management Strategies with Tai Chi for Stroke Rehabilitation’
  • UCSF Symptoms Research Proseminar N223B(2013). ,Teaching Assistant
  • (2013). ,Research Award Reviewer
  • Research Resident: COPD Nursing Intervention/Advance Practice Training(2012). ,Research Resident: COPD Nursing Intervention/Advance Practice Training
  • Student Representative(2012). ,Student Representative
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