• Susan Reutman, PhD, MPH, RN
  • CON AD for Nursing Research
  • Director, Occupational Health Nursing Graduate Program
  • 513-558-5280
  • Academic Location:
    University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, Procter Hall
    3110 Vine Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45221-0038
  • susan.reutman@uc.edu

Professional Summary

  • The objectives of the University of Cincinnati Education and Research Center (UC-ERC) include interdisciplinary graduate education and research training through targeted and pilot programs, continuing education, outreach, and discipline-specific training. Among my key UC-ERC roles is serving as the Director of OHN, providing mentorship for Outreach. I am a currently licensed RN. I received a BSN degree from UC and an MPH degree in Public Nursing Specialty from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and have over 10 years of work experience as a nurse. In 1991, I moved to academia and worked at the UC as Research Associate and Project Coordinator where I oversaw and mentored many pre-med, medical, and other health profession graduate students’ work activities on health research projects. After receiving my PhD in epidemiology in 2001, I worked at NIOSH as the only Division epidemiologist, providing formal and informal mentoring and consultation to colleagues from multiple occupational health disciplines. My research efforts have spanned from respiratory effects of workers exposure to ceramic fibers to reproductive effects of bicycling. As a NIOSH Project Officer, I studied the respiratory health of nail salon workers. My cited publications show a history of collaboration with investigators from many disciplines, including faculty members at the UC-ERC, and inclusion of women and minorities in research. Also, I have authored/coauthored four health related book chapters (all peer-reviewed, one submitted for publication), including first authorship of one in a major occupational and environmental medicine textbook. Recently, in collaboration with NIH, CDC, and academic partners for a non-research Division at NIOSH. I started as Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing on March 15, 2014. As Director, I participate in ERC Directors’ meetings and interdisciplinary course meetings to discuss ERC issues, plan future activities and evaluate Center outcomes. I serve as program leader for the OHN program, and interface with the Director of the Doctoral Program, Associate Dean for Research and the Dean of the College of Nursing. I have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to serve as the Director of OHN program and as one of the mentors in the Outreach.


  • Nursing Diploma: Good Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing, 1980
  • BSN: University of Cincinnati, 1987
  • MPH: University of North Carolina, 1990
  • PhD: University of Cincinnati, 2001

Research/Clinical Interests

  • I am an occupational health nurse researcher and occupational health epidemiologist.  My current research phenomenon of interest concerns physical activity levels in the workplace and community. 

    In collaboration with UC Education and Research Center students and faculty, my secondary research focus is on the occupational exposures and risks that attend work in home health settings and among vulnerable worker populations.

    My past research focused on biomarkers of exposures and disease among occupational groups.  Pulmonary and reproductive health outcomes were characteristic of my past work.


  • RN License 166655, Ohio State Board of Nursing, See http://www.nursing.ohio.gov/Verification.htm

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Post Graduate Training/Education
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  • 2010-2014, Statistics.com, Online, Program in Advanced Statistical Studies (PASS)
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1991, 1997 Graduate Summer Sessions in Epidemiology and Genetic Epidemiology
  • RN License 166655, Ohio State Board of Nursing, See http://www.nursing.ohio.gov/Verification.htm
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Positions and Work Experience
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  • 03/17/2014-to Present,OHN Graduate Program Director & Assistant Professor,University of Cincinnati College of Nursing,Cincinnati, OH
  • 08-2004-03-2014,Epidemiologist:, Associate Service Fellow, Bio-monitoring and Health Assessment Branch, Division of Applied Research and Technology (2004-2007); Senior Service Fellow, Bio-monitoring and Health Assessment Branch, Division of Applied Research and Technology (2007-4/2010); Senior Service Fellow, Division of Compensation and Analysis (4/2010-2/2014) ,National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), US Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCDC,Cincinnati, OH
  • 2002-2004,Epidemiologist, FellowAmerican Teachers of Preventive Medicine Fellow at NIOSH,American Teachers of Preventive Medicine Fellow ,NIOSH,Cincinnati, OH
  • 2002-2002,Epidemiologist, Contactor,Tri-S at NIOSH,Cincinnati, OH
  • 1991-2002,Research Associate:,Jr. Research Associate (1991-1994); Research Associate (1994-2002),University of Cincinnati, Dept. of Enviromental Health, College of Medicine,Cincinati, OH
  • 1990-1991,Home Health Nurse,Pediatric Nursing Care,Cincinnati, OH
  • 1988-1990,Staff Nurse, Newborn Critical Care,University of North Carolina Hospital,Chapel Hill, NC
  • 1987-1988,Staff Nurse, Emergency Department,St Francis - St George Hospital,Cincinnati, OH
  • 1985-1988,Staff Nurse, Newborn Intensive Care Unit / Obstetrical P.R.N. Pool,Good Samaritan Hospital,Cincinnati, OH
  • 1984-1985,Staff/Charge Nurse, Adolescent Psychiatry,Jewish Hospital,Cincinnati, OH
  • 1981-1984,Public Health Nurse,Wayne County Health Dept.,Richmond, IN
  • 1980-1981,Staff/Charge Nurse, Pediatric Unit,Reid Memorial Hospital,Richmond, IN
  • 1987-1988,Undergraduate Research Assistant, “Cooling Blanket Study”,University of Cincinnati College of Nursing,Cincinnati, OH
  • 1988-1989,Graduate Assistant,University of North Carolina,Chapel Hill, NC
  • 1989-1989,Graduate Intern,Communicable Disease Branch, North Carolina Department of Human Resources,Raleigh, NC
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Research Grants
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  • NIOSH 2T42OH008432-1107/01/2016-06/30/2021. NIOSH. Education and Research Center. The Cincinnati ERC provides excellent interdisciplinary education for graduate students in five graduate training programs. This continuation application includes four academic core programs (Environmental and Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Medicine Residency, Occupational Health Nursing, and Occupational Safety and Health Engineering), and one component program (Biomonitoring). The Cincinnati ERC supports the development of research skills through Pilot Research Program (PRP) and Targeted Research Training (TRT) programs; conducts innovative and interdisciplinary research to identify causal relationships between exposure and illness or injury, designs control strategies and evaluates the effectiveness of interventions; delivers continuing education (CE), consultation and outreach to address occupational safety and health needs through regional partnerships, and advocates the translation of research findings into practice. This is accomplished through a collaboration of faculty from the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Engineering. Academic program trainees have been accepted into MS and PhD graduate programs in their respective College and Department. Non-academic PRP program trainees represent graduate students, junior faculty or senior faculty transitioning into occupational safety and health. Trainees in CE and Outreach span a range of educational backgrounds and employment, as the program reaches practitioners in all disciples as well as employees with health and safety responsibilities in diverse work settings. The TRT involves faculty and students in all academic programs and in affiliated non-ERC programs. Substantial field work is done by all disciplines, utilizing local workplaces for walkthroughs, evaluation of potential workplace exposures, interdisciplinary student projects, and clinical rotations. A specific focus of the Cincinnati ERC is to provide safer and more healthful workplaces in regionally important employment sectors: firefighters, low wage workers and healthcare workers. The ERC leadership utilizes input from an External Advisory Board representing key stakeholders. Through interdisciplinary classes, ERC-wide functions and research and robust evaluations, each academic program contributes to an enriched education to all students. . To conduct interdisciplinary graduate education and research, continuing education and outreach in environmental and industrial hygiene, occupational and environmental medicine, occupational health nursing and occupational safety and health engineering. To build the research capacity of graduate research trainees and junior PhD and MD level investigators in occupational health and safety research in collaboration with twelve regional universities including two historically black colleges. - Grant, Collaborator, Active.
  • NIOSH 2T42OH008432-10 (2013 Supplement, OHN Program: NIOSH 3T42OH008432-09S1)07/01/2005-06/30/2016. NIOSH. Education and Research Center, ERC Cincinnati (2013 Supplement: "Occupational Health Nursing Training Program"). 2013 Supplement: The University of Cincinnati Occupational Health Nursing (OHN) program is one of four core occupational Health and safety programs, and has been in existence since the inception of the Cincinnati Education and Research Center (ERC). The OHN program proposes to continue interdisciplinary education within the University of Cincinnati Education and Research Center for the period of July 2014 through June 2016. The purpose of the OHN program is to provide occupational health and safety education and research training to Master’s (MSN) and Doctoral (PhD) students within an interdisciplinary context. The MSN builds on the BSN and provides the knowledge and skills for the OHN graduate to function in occupational, organizational, and industrial settings. Research training is an integral part of the OHN program and prepares MSN graduates to use an evidence-based approach to practice; and PhD graduates to conduct research in areas defined by the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA). The goals of the OHN Program are to contribute to the national occupational health goals by preparing advanced practice occupational health nurses to translate research into occupational health nursing practice; and contribute to the body of occupational health nursing knowledge through faculty and student research. These goals are achieved through: 1) Continuing faculty research efforts in occupational health and safety; 2) Mentoring students in research and preparation of publications and presentations; 3) Increase visibility within the University and ERC through interdisciplinary interaction and within the College by engaging all faculty members with an occupational health focus or interest to present lectures in OHN courses and mentor master’s and doctoral students in research; 4) Providing outreach efforts in ERC focus areas of firefighters, health care and low wage workers; 5) Recruiting students, emphasizing underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. - Grant, Collaborator, Completed.
  • Application 000083412018-2020. NIOSH. A Workplace Move-A-Thon Activity Incentive: Response and Perceptions. “A Workplace Move-A-Thon Activity Incentive: Response and Perceptions”. Proposed Activity Study specific aims include: 1) Test, analyze and interpret potential MAT intervention participation and effects on monitored physical activity among workers; and 2) Conduct aspects of the proposed Activity Study that aim to describe workers’ exercise environment, options, use, and perceptions at the beginning and end of the MAT / Activity Study. - Grant, PI, Pending.
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Peer Reviewed Publications (in chronological order)
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  • Moorman WJ, Reutman SR, Shaw PB, Blade LM, Marlow D, Vesper H, Clark JC, and Schrader SM (2012). Occupational exposure to acrylamide in closed system production plants: air levels and biomonitoring. J Toxicol Environ Health A, 75, 100-112.
  • Partin SN, Connell KA, Schrader SM, LaCombe J, Lowe B, Sweeney A, Reutman S, Wang A, Toennis C, Melman A, Mikhail M, Guess MK (2012). The bar sinister: does handlebar level damage the pelvic floor in female cyclists?. J Sex Med, 9 (5), 1367-1373.
  • Guess MK, Partin SN, Schrader S, Lowe B, Lacombe J, Reutman S, Wang A, Toennis C, Melman A, Mikhail M, Connell KA (2011). Women’s bike seats: a pressing matter for competitive cyclists. J Sex Med, 8 (11), 3144-3153.
  • Reutman SR, Rohs AM, Clark JC, Johnson BC, Sammons DL, Toennis CA, Robertson SA, Mackenzie BA, Lockey JE (2009). Pilot respiratory health assessment of nail technicians: symptoms, lung function, and airway inflammation. Am J Ind Med, 52 (11), 868-875.
  • Guess MK, Connell KA, Schrader SM, Reutman SR, Wang A, Lacombe JA, Toennis C, Lowe B, Melman A, Mikhail MS (2006). Genital sensation and sexual function in female bicyclists and runners: are your feet safer than your seat? . Journal of Sexual Medicine, 3 (6), 1018-1027.
  • Lockey JE, LeMasters GK, Levin L, Rice C, Yiin J, Reutman S, Papes D (2002). A Longitudinal Study of Chest Radiographic Changes of Workers in the Refractory Ceramic Fiber Industry. Chest, 121, 2044-2051.
  • Reutman SR, LeMasters GK, Kesner J, Lockey J, Shukla R, Knecht E, Krieg E, Burroughs E (2002). “Urinary Reproductive Hormone Level Differences between African American and Caucasian Women of Reproductive Age”. Fertility and Sterility, 78 (2), 383-391.
  • Reutman SR, LeMasters GK, Knecht EA, Shukla R, Lockey JE, Burroughs GE, Kesner JS (2002). Evidence of Reproductive Endocrine Effects in Women with Occupational Fuel and Solvent Exposures. Environmental Health Perspectives, 110 (8), 805-811.
  • Lawson CC, Lemasters MK, LeMasters GK, Reutman SR, Rice CH, Lockey JE (2001). Reliability and validity of Chest Radiograph Surveillance Programs. Chest, 120 (1), 64-68.
  • Gormley LB, Lemasters GK, Simpson SR, Yiin J (2000). Menstrual Disorders and Occupation Stress and Racial Factors among Military Personnel. JOEM, 42 (9), 871-881.
  • McKay R, Levin L, Lockey J, Lemasters G, Medvedovic M, Papes D (1999). Weight Change and Lung Function: Implications for Workplace Surveillance Studies. JOEM, 41 (7), 596-604.
  • Lockey J, Levin L, Lemasters G, McKay R, Rice C, Hansen K, Papes D, Simpson S, Medvedovic M (1998). Longitudinal Estimates of Pulmonary Function in Refractory Ceramic Fiber Manufacturing Workers. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 157, 1226-1233.
  • Puhala E, Lemasters G, Smith L, Talaska G, Simpson S, Joyce J, Trinh K, Lu J. (1997). Jet Fuel Exposure in the United States Air Force. Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 12 (9), 606-610.
  • Complete List of Published Work in My NCBI: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/myncbi/1bWHbV_pU63kN/bibliography/48546501/public/?sort=date, & direction=ascending.
  • Susan Reutman, & Renee Lewis(Under Review). A Move-A-Thon event: a workplace demonstration of a proposed alternative strategy to incentivize workers to engage in physical activity. Workplace Health & Safety.
  • Reutman SR.Mobility disability and monitored activity levels among inactive workers. Disability and Health Journal. (in preparation: July, 2017 submission).
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Book Chapter
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  • Complete List of Published Work in My NCBI: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/myncbi/1bWHbV_pU63kN/bibliography/48546501/public/?sort=date, & direction=ascending.
  • Reutman SR, Lemasters GK (2007). Evaluation of occupational exposures and effects on male and female reproductionIn In: Rom WN, Markowitz SB, eds (Eds.) ,Environmental and Occupational Medicine(pp.143-167). New York, NY :Wolters Kluwer/ Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Schrader SM, Reutman SR, and Marlow KL (2015). Assessing the reproductive health of men with occupational exposures. In: Mattison DR, ed. Computational Methods for Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology.Philadelphia, PA: CRC Press/Taylor and Francis Group.
  • Reutman SR, & Meadows JW (2013). Effects on the female reproductive system. In: Carpenter DO [ed]. Effects of Persistent and Bioactive Organic Pollutants on Human Health. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Sonntag D, Jederberg W, Lemasters G, Simpson S, Still K. (2003). Military personnel. In: Greenberg MI, Hamilton RJ & Phillips SD, eds. Occupational, Industrial and Environmental Toxicology. Mosby-Year Book, Inc.: Chicago.
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Technical Reports
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  • Complete List of Published Work in My NCBI: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/myncbi/1bWHbV_pU63kN/bibliography/48546501/public/?sort=date, & direction=ascending.
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Invited Presentations
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  • Reutman, SR et al. (2015). Research Panelist: Sedentary work, the silent hazard: A systematic review of the evidence base on workplace interventions to reduce this health threat.2015 Annual American Association of Occupational Health Nurses ,Boston, MA. Conference. National
  • Reutman, SR (2015). Closing remarks: Ebola vigilance for regional preparedness planners.UC Education and Research Center Topical Workshop ,Cincinnati, OH. Regional
  • Reutman SR, Talaska G, Newman N, et al. (2015). Presentation Discussion Panelist.UC ERC 16th Annual 2015 Pilot Research Symposium ,Cincinnati, OH. Regional
  • Reutman, SR (2008). Preliminary findings from the Manicurist Study.BHAB Science Day ,NIOSH, CDC, Cincinnati, OH. Local
  • Reutman, SR (2002). Feasibility of a Reproductive Health Study of Workers Potentially Exposed to Acrylamide.BHAB Retreat ,NIOSH, CDC, Cincinnati, OH. Local
  • Simpson, SR; Lemasters GK (2000). Internal dose of benzene, xylene, toluene & fuel components and effects on reproductive hormones in women.Contributed paper presentation at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Society for Epidemiological ResearchNational
  • York K. & Reutman R. (2017). Integrating Primary Care into the Workplace: An Occupational Health Nurse Opportunity.University of Ulsan Department of Nursing 10-Year Anniversary Conference ,Ulsan, South Korea. Conference. International
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Poster Presentations
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  • Reutman SR, B’Hymer C, Clark JC, Meadows JW (2011). Evaluation of manicurist and Nail Technician Solvent Exposure by Means of Urinary Metabolites Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry.NIOSH, CDC Toxicology and Risk Assessment Conference ,Cincinnati, OH. National
  • MacKenzie BA, Biagini RE, Johnson BC, Moorman W, Robertson SA, Reutman S, Sammons DL, Smith JP, Striley CA, Snawder JE (2009). Comparison of multiple methods for monitoring tobacco smoke exposure.American Society of Clinical LaboratoriansNational
  • Exploration of the relationship of genotype and smoking to acrylamide and glycidamide adduct levels (2007). Exploration of the relationship of genotype and smoking to acrylamide and glycidamide adduct levels.NIOSH, CDC Toxicology and Risk Assessment Conference ,Cincinnati, OH. National
  • Reutman SR, Butler MA, Vesper H, Moorman WJ, Toennis C, Clark JC. (2006). Impact of genetic variation in acrylamide metabolism on hemoglobin adduct levels.Society of Toxicology 46th Annual MeetingNational
  • Reutman SR, Lemasters GK, Kesner JS, Krieg EF, Knecht EA, Shukla R, Lockey JE. (2001). Differences in urinary reproductive hormone levels between African American and Caucasian women of reproductive age.International Congress of Epidemiology ,Toronto, Canada. International
  • Lewis, R. & Reutman, S.R. (2017). Move A Thon, a physical activity incentive project.American Association of Occupational Health Nurses 2017 National Conference ,New Orleans, LA.
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Recent Awards/Honors
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  • Special Act Group Award.“Manicurists’ Exposure, Health, & Exposure Interventions” NORA project.,2008,2008
  • Special Act Group Award.“Reproductive Health in Worker Exposed to Acrylamide and its Congeners” project.,2008,2008
  • International Society Women’s Sexual Health Annual Meeting New Investigator Award.paper presentation entitled “Genital sensation and sexual function in female bicyclists and runners: are your feet safer than your seat?”. Marsha K. Guess, Kathleen A. Connell, Steven M. Schrader, Susan R. Reutman, Andrea Wang, Julie A. Lacombe, Christine Toennis, Brian Lowe, Arnold Melman, Magdy S. Mikhail. ,2006,2006
  • NIOSH (NORA, Intramural).Direct Reading Monitors for Antineoplastic Drug Detection” Goal: Develop portable, near real time, direct reading instruments to measure surface contamination by antineoplastic drugs Role: Co-investigator ,2009,2015
  • NIOSH (Intramural).Potential Reproductive and Neurological Effects of Exposure to Acrylamide Goal: Characterize potential reproductive and neurological effects of exposure to acrylamide Role: Co-investigator ,2002,2010
  • NIOSH (NORA, Intramural) .Manicurists’ Exposure, Health, & Exposure Interventions Goal: Pilot study to explore exposures and health of nail technicians Role: Principle Investigator (AKA, Project Officer) ,2005,2009
  • NIOSH (Intramural).Pilot Study of Acryamide Dose among Workers” Funded by NIOSH. Goal: Pilot study to explore acrylamide air and internal dose levels among acrylamide manufacturing workers Role: Co-investigator ,2004,2008
  • NIOSH (Intramural) .Women’s Reproductive Health and Bicycling: Are Saddle Pressure and Cycling Duration Occupational Hazards? Goal: Study of prolonged bicycle saddle pressure effects on genitalia in women Role: Co-investigator ,2003,2006
  • DAMD17-96-2-6015.Female Reproductive Effects of Exposure to Jet Fuel at U.S. Air Force Bases Goal: Addressed if women experienced menstrual symptoms and hormone change related to their workplace from fuel or other occupational exposures Role: PhD Dissertation ,1996,1999
  • DAMD17-95-1-5048 .A Feasibility Study of Female Active Duty Military Personnel and Exposure to Jet Fuel Goal: Determine feasibility of a prospective investigation of female AF military and civilian personnel for potential adverse reproductive health effects associated with jet fuel exposure Role: Co-investigator ,1995,1996
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Courses Taught
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  • Old Course RevisedNPHD9014 ,Adv Multi Analysis I. 3. Graduate
  • Old Course RevisedNPHD9015 ,Adv Mult Analysis II. 5. Graduate
  • Old Course RevisedNPHD9015 ,Adv Multi Analysis II. 7. Graduate
  • New Course DevelopedNURS8072 ,Independent Study. 1. Graduate
  • New Course DevelopedNURS8072 ,Independent Study. 1. Graduate
  • Old Course RevisedNURS8072 ,Independent Study. 1. Graduate
  • Regular CourseNURS8002 ,Theoretical Basis. 30. Graduate
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  • University/College Service ,University of Cincinnati College of nursing ,PhD program committee ,Member ,College(2014-to Present).
  • University/College Service ,University of Cincinnati College of Nursing ,MSN program committee ,Member ,College(2014-to Present).
  • University/College Service ,University of Cincinnati College of Nursing ,Leadership Council ,Member(2014-to Present).
  • University/College Service ,University of Cincinnati College of Nursing ,Co-Chair (2015-16) Doctoral Preliminary Exam Comittee ,College(2014-2017).
  • Other Educational Service ,Education and Research Center (NIOSH-Funded) ,University of Cincinnati Education and Research Center Occupational Health Nursing External Advisory Board ,Member ,Local(2014-to Present).
  • Other Educational Service ,Education and Research Center (NIOSH-Funded) ,University of Cincinnati Education and Research Center Directors Internal Advisory Board ,Member ,Local(2014-to Present).
  • Other Educational Service ,Education and Research Center (NIOSH-Funded) ,National Occupational Health Nursing Education and Research Center Directors ,Member ,Local(2014-to Present).
  • Other Educational Service ,Education and Research Center (NIOSH-Funded) ,Pilot Research Proposal Steering Committee ,Member(2015-2016).
  • Other Educational Service ,Education and Research Center (NIOSH-Funded) ,Grant Proposal Reviewer, Pilot Research Project Proposals, University of Cincinnati ERC Pilot Research Grant Program ,Member ,Local(BAD DATE).
  • Other ,Emergency Life Squad ,Volunteer EMT ,Public(1981-1982).
  • Other ,CDC Emergency Operations Center, Joint Information Center ,Volunteer Surge Staff for 2009 H1N1 Influenza Response ,Member ,Regional(2009-2009).
  • Other ,Center for Disease ,NIOSH Health Promotion Committee ,Member ,National(2011-2014).
  • Other ,UC Center for Environmental Genetics Community Outreach and ,Advisory Board ,Member ,College(2015-to Present).
  • Grant Panel ,University of Cincinnati ERC ,Online Continuing Education Collaborative Proposal ,Reviewer ,College(2017).
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