Professional Summary

  • Dr. Risinger studies Hereditary Hemolytic Anemias (HHAs), including
    red blood cell (RBC) membrane disorders and Sickle Cell Disease
    (SCD), with particular emphasis on the role of proteins controlling
    RBC hydration. In addition to contributing to our understanding of
    the function of proteins that control cell hydration in normal RBCs
    and their pathological contribution in HHAs, these studies may
    provide information on genetic modifiers for SCD and help suggest
    additional therapeutic targets for treatment.


  • BSN: Marycrest College, 1972
  • MA: University of Iowa, 1976
  • PhD: University of Iowa, 1983

Research/Clinical Interests

  • Research interests include:
    • Genomic Polymorphisms in Sickle Cell Disease
    • Genes that Affect Hydration and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Production in
    • Erythrocyte Cytoskeleton Disorders
    • Erythrocyte Volume Regulation


  • RN, Ohio License 386925
  • ELS, Editor in the Life Sciences

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Positions and Work Experience
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  • 10-2013,Assistant Professor, Research Track,University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing,Cincinnati, OH
  • 03-2006-09-2012,Research Associate, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute,Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center,Cincinnati, OH
  • 09-2000-09-2005,Research Associate, Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology,University of Cincinnati,Cincinnati, OH
  • 11-1999-06-2000,Independent Contractor, Department of Environmental Health,University of Cincinnati,Cincinnati, OH
  • 02-1998-08-1999,Associate Scientist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,Harvard University,Boston, MA
  • 05-1989-02-1998,Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine,Tufts University,Boston, MA
  • 02-1989-02-1998,Assistant Investigator, Department of Biomedical Research,St. Elizabeth's Medical Center,Boston, MA
  • 07-1987-01-1989,Research Associate, Department of Biophysics,Johns Hopkins University,Baltimore, MD
  • 07-1983-06-1987,Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biophysics,Johns Hopkins University,Baltimore, MD
  • 08-1979-08-1981,Teaching Assistant, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology,University of Iowa,Iowa City, IA
  • 01-1976-05-1978,Instructor, Department of Nursing,Mt. Mercy University,Cedar Rapids, IA
  • 05-1972-08-1974,Staff Nurse,Mercy Hospital,Davenport, IA
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Peer Reviewed Publications (in chronological order)
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  • Niss, O., Chonat, S., Dagaonkar, N., Almansoori, M.O., Kerr, K., Rogers, Z.R., McGann, P.T., Quarmyne, M.-O., Risinger, M., Zhang, K., and Kalfa, T.A. (2016). Genotype-phenotype correlations in hereditary elliptocytosis and hereditary pyropoikilocytosis. . Blood Cells Mol. Dis..
  • Konstantinidis, D.G., Giger, K.M., Risinger, M., Pushkaran, S., Zhou, P., Dexheimer, P., Yermeni, S., Andreassen P., Klingmuller, U., Palis, J., Zheng Y., and Kalfa, T.A. (2015). Cytokinesis failure in RhoA-deficient mouse erythroblasts involves actomyosin and midbody dysregulation and triggers p53 activation.. Blood, 126, 1473-1482.
  • Pan, D., Kalfa, T.A., Wang, D., Risinger, M., Crable, S., Ottlinger, A., Chandra, S., Mount, D.B., Hubner, C.A., Franco, R.S., and Joiner, C.H. (2011). K-Cl cotransporter gene expression during human and murine erythroid differentiation. . J. Biol. Chem., 286, 30492-30503.
  • Quarmyne, M.O., Risinger, M., Linkugel, A., Frazier, A., and Joiner, C. (2011). Volume regulation and KCl cotransport in reticulocyte populations of sickle and normal red blood cells. . Blood Cells Mol. Dis., 47, 95-99.
  • Hammill, A.M., Risinger, M.A., Joiner, C.H., Keddache, M., and Kalfa, T.A. (2011). Compound heterozygosity for two novel mutations in the erythrocyte protein 4.2 gene causing spherocytosis in a Caucasian patient. . Br. J. Haematol., 152, 780-783.
  • Rinehart, J., Maksimova, Y.D., Tanis, J.E., Stone, K.L., Hodson, C.A., Zhang, J., Risinger, M., Pan, W., Wu, D., Colangelo, C.M., Forbush, B., Joiner, C.H., Gulcicek, E.E., Gallagher, P.G., and Lifton, R.P. (2009). Sites of regulated phosphorylation that control K-Cl cotransporter activity.. Cell, 138, 525-536.
  • Joiner, C.H., Rettig, R.K., Jiang, M., Risinger, M., and Franco, R.S. (2007). Urea stimulation of KCl cotransport induces abnornmal volume reduction in sickle reticulocytes. . Blood, 109, 1728-1735.
  • Goss, K.H., Risinger, M.A., Kordich, J.J., Sanz, M.M., Straughen, J.E., Sovek, L.E., Capobianco, A.J., German, J., Boivin, G.P., and Groden, J. (2002). Enhanced tumor formation in mice heterozygous for Blm mutation. . Science, 297, 2051-2053.
  • Oakley, G.G., Loberg, L.I., Yao, J., Risinger, M.A., Yunker, R.L., Zernik-Kobak, M., Khanna, K.K., Lavin, M.F., Carty, M.P., and Dixon, K. (2001). UV-induced hyperphosphorylation of replication protein A depends on DNA replication and expression of ATM protein.. Mol. Biol. Cell, 12, 1199-1213.
  • Sytkowski, A.J., Lunn, E.D., Risinger, M.A., and Davis, K.L. (1999). An erythropoietin fusion protein comprised of identical repeating domains exhibits enhanced biological properties.. J. Biol. Chem., 274, 24773-24778.
  • Risinger, M.A., Korsgren, C., and Cohen, C.M. (1996). Role of N-myristylation in targeting of band 4.2 (pallidin) in non-erythroid cells.. Exp. Cell Res., 229, 421-431.
  • Hayette, S., Morle, L., Bozon, M., Ghanem, E., Risinger, M., Korsgren, C., Tanner, M.J.A., Fattoum, S., Cohen, C.M., and Delaunay, J. (1995). A point mutation in the protein 4.2 gene (allele 4.2 Tozeur) associated with hereditary haemolytic anaemia. . Br. J. Haematol., 89, 762-770.
  • Risinger, M.A., Dotimas, E.M., and Cohen, C.M. (1992). Human erythrocyte band 4.2, a high copy number membrane protein, is N-myristylated.. J. Biol. Chem., 267, 5680-5685.
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  • Wilkins, J.A., Risinger, M.A., and Lin, S. (1986). Studies on proteins that co-purify with smooth muscle vinculin. Identification of immunologically related species in focal adhesions of nonmuscle and z-lines of muscle cells. . J. Cell Biol., 103, 1483-1494.
  • Risinger, M.A., and Larsen, W.J. (1982). Interaction of filipin with junctional membrane at different stages of the junction's life history. . Tissue and Cell, 15, 1-15.
  • Risinger, M.A., and Larsen, W.J. (1981). Endocytosis of cell-cell junctions and spontaneous cell disaggregation in a cultured human ovarian adenocarcinoma (COLO 316). . Tissue and Cell, 13, 413-430.
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Published Abstracts
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  • Gupta, S., Baskin, J., Kalfa, T., Risinger, M., and Zhang, K. (2016). Hereditary hemolytic anemia due to red cell monovalent cation leak in a patient with a novel band 3 mutation.. Pediatr. Blood Cancer, 63, S58-S59.
  • Risinger, M.A., Glogowska, E., Begtrup, A.H., Dagaonkar, N., Chonat, S., Joiner, C.H., Quinn, C.T., Kalfa, T.A., and Gallagher, P.G. (2014). The novel PIEZO1 mutation p.L2023V is causal for hereditary xerocytosis resulting in delayed channel inactivation and a dehydrated red blood cell phenotype.. Blood, 124, abstract 741.
  • Sokolic, R., Chonat, S., Risinger, M., Eckhaus, M., Garabedian, E., Calvo, K., Maric, I., Candotti, F., and Kalfa, T. (2014). Cation leak in red blood cells of patients with Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome leads to non-immunologic hemolysis.. Blood, 124, abstract 1338.
  • Bakeer, N., Luo, H.-Y., Grimley, M.S., Risinger, M., Manganaris, P.T., Begtrup, A.H., Chui, D.H.K., and Kalfa, T.A. (2014). Hemoglobin Cincinnati: A novel beta globin gene mutation causing dominant beta thalassemia. . Pediatr. Blood Cancer, 61, S15.
  • Begtrup, A.H., Dagaonkar, N., Chonat, S., Giger, K.M., Husami, A., Kissell, D., Risinger, M., Joiner, C.H., Keddache, M., Zhang, K., and Kalfa, T.A. (2014). Development of a comprehensive rapid Next-Generation sequencing assay for the diagnosis of inherited hemolytic anemia. . Pediatr. Blood Cancer (61), S59.
  • Kalfa, T.A., Risinger M.A., Pushkaran, S., Dexheimer P., Husami, A., Kissell, D., Fletcher, D., Joiner, C.H., Keddache, M., and Zhang, K. (2012). Next generation sequencing for diagnostic testing of erythrocyte cytoskeleton disorders. . Blood, 120, abstract 976.
  • Rinehart, J., Maksimova, Y.D., Tanis, J.E., Stone, K.L., Zhang, J., Risinger, M., Pan, W., Wu, D., Colangelo, C.M., Forbush, B., Joiner, C.H., Gulcicek, E.E., Gallagher, P.G., and Lifton, R.P. (2009). Quantitative phosphoproteomics identifies sites in K-Cl cotransporters that regulate cell volume and neuronal excitation.. Http://, abstract 2246.
  • Risinger, M., Rinehart, J., Crable, S., Ottlinger, A., Winkelmann, R., Pan, D., Huebner, C., Gallagher, P.G., and Clinton H. Joiner. (2008). Structural and functional interactions of KCl Cotransport proteins KCC1 and KCC3 in sickle and normal erythrocyte membranes.. Blood, 112, abstract.
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  • Feldman, L., Rouleau, C., and Risinger, M.A. (1998). Thrombopoietin has direct effects on the erythropoietin receptor in responsive erythroid progenitors.. Blood, 92, 580A.
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Book Chapter
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  • Risinger, M.A., and Groden, J. (2004). recQ DNA helicase family in genetic stability.In W.J. Lennarz and M.D. Lane (Eds.) ,Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry, vol 3(pp.660-664). Oxford, UK :Elsevier Science.
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  • Larsen, W.J., and Risinger, M.A. (1985). The dynamic life histories of intercellular membrane junctions. In B.H. Satir (Eds.) ,Modern Cell Biology, vol 4 :Alan R. Liss, Inc..
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  • Risinger, M.A., and Groden, J. (2004). Crosslinks and crosstalk: Human cancer syndromes and DNA repair defects. ,Cancer Cell ,6:539-545.
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Courses Taught
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  • NURS 8022 ,Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology. Graduate
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  • Departmental Service ,Faculty Search Committee ,Committee Member(2014-to Present).
  • Departmental Service ,PhD Program Preliminary Examination Committee ,Committee Member(2014-to Present).
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