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At our research-intensive, urban public university, we are proud to embolden the next generation of research pioneers. Our world-renowned researchers and scholars collaborate across disciplines, colleges and campuses as they address the most pressing challenges throughout the world and in our communities.

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Read Story - UC Celebrates Grand Opening of 1819 Innovation Hub
More than just a building, the University of Cincinnati’s ‘front door’ will attract talent and facilitate partnerships.

Read Story - New UC Lab Converts Waste Heat Into Electricity
UC assistant professor Sarah Watzman, PhD, is exploring ways to convert waste heat into usable electricity using a magnetic field.

Read Story - UC Lights Way with New Skin Care
Chemist Peng Zhang is developing a novel treatment for skin conditions ranging from acne and foot fungus to cancer.

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The Office of Research is accelerating research at University of Cincinnati and economic growth in our region by connecting industry, government, and community leaders with the University of Cincinnati thought leaders and innovators. Together, we can positively impact the lives, environment, and the economy in our region and beyond. Some of our key research strengths are highlighted below.

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Events + Training



Writing the One Pager: The Shortest Path to Success (10/25)

Time: October 25, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Location: Baldwin Hall, Room 661

Target Audience: All faculty, post-docs, and research administrators

Research Office: Research Development

Do you know what grantmakers look for when deciding what research to fund? The answers might not be what you think. Showing grantmakers that you know what they want is as important as showing them what you can do with their money.

To learn how to effectively communicate the impact and significance of your research through the written word and visuals, we will workshop two white papers, one for a technical audience and one for a non-specialized audience. You will leave with tools you can use to effectively draft white papers and proposal summaries for your own research.

What will be covered:  Participants will gain insights into the persuasive nature of successful one-pagers, and be better able to write one for both specialized and non-specialized audiences.

Presenters:     Lora Arduser, A&S Associate Professor, Professional Writing
                        Bob Hyland, A&S Assistant Professor-Educator, Rhetoric and Prof Writing



Building Your Team: Undergrads, Graduate Students and Postdocs (10/30)

Time: October 30, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: University Hall, Room 454

Target Audience: All faculty, post-docs, and research administrators

Research Office: Research Development

Forming a research team?  Looking for undergraduate researchers? Graduate Students? Postdocs? Creating successful research teams can be one of the most important activities for faculty.  Identifying appropriate team members, from graduate or undergraduate students to postdocs, can be challenging. 

As you pursue innovative, translational projects that push the boundaries of established fields, departments, and institutions, this session will provide you with tips on how to form and maintain positive team relationships over the life of a laboratory or research grant.

What will be covered:  Resources available for undergraduate researchers, graduate students and postdoc staff will be highlighted. Faculty will discuss how to create a lab/research team plan.

Presenters:    Dr. Chip Montrose, Dean of Graduate School
                        Dr. James Mack, Associate Dean of Graduate School
                        Dr. Megan Lamkin, Director of Undergraduate Research Experiences
                        Dr. Teri Reed, OoR Assistant VP Research Development



Research Support - UC Infrastructure (11/1)

Time: November 1, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Location: Tangeman University Center, Room 427

Target Audience: All faculty and research staff including graduate students and post-docs are invited to attend. Recent and new faculty hires are specifically encouraged to attend.

Research Office: Research Development

Experts in four focus areas will be giving presentations followed by a moderated panel discussion with questions from the audience.
  • Pre- and Post-award Support
  • Research Computing/Cyberinfrastructure
  • Core Facilities
  • Programming/Data Management/Informatics
Presenters:  Ted Baldwin, Director, Science and Engineering Libraries, CEAS 
                     Sarah Clift, OoR Grants Administrator 2
                     Jane Combs, UCIT Associate Director Research & Development
                     Tiffany Grant, Interim, Assistant Director of Research and Informatics, Health Sciences Library
                     Melodie Fickenscher, Director, Advanced Materials Characterization Center
                     Cindy Treacy, A&S, Senior Grants Administrator

Moderator:  Phil Taylor,  OoR Assistant VP Strategic Implementation



How to Navigate the IRB doing SBER (11/8 - 11/9)

Time: November 8, 10:30 PM - November 9, 12:00 AM

Location: Tangeman University Center, Room 400A

Target Audience: Faculty, staff and students interested in Social-BEhavioral Research

Research Office: Research Development

What is social-behavioral research (SBER) and how does it differ from biomedical research? What kinds of data collection methods are often used to do SBER? What are the biggest challenges when submitting your SBER to the IRB?

What will be covered:  This session will address these questions and offer some strategies for how to improve your SBER submission to the IRB, avoiding common pitfalls.

Presenters: John Holden, Associate Professor of Psychology
                    Jacinda Dariotis, Professor and Director of the Evaluation Services Center
                    Janet Moore, Professor of Law

Moderator:  Holly Bante, UC Assistant VP for Ethics in Industry Engagement



Working with Industry and Foundations (11/14)

Time: November 14, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Location: University Hall, Room 454

Target Audience: All faculty, post-docs, and research administrators

Research Office: Research Development



How to Work with Local and State Governments (11/30)

Time: November 30, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Tangeman University Center, Room 425

Target Audience: All faculty, post-docs, and research administrators

Research Office: Research Development



Arts & Humanities in the Age of Impact (12/10)

Time: December 10, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: DAAP 8220, Materials Library

Target Audience: All faculty, post-docs, and research administrators

Research Office: Research Development



Best Practices in Grants Management (12/12)

Time: December 12, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: 454 University Hall

Target Audience: Department/college administrators/staff who manage grants and contracts

Research Office: Sponsored Research Services

This training is geared toward individuals responsible for managing anticipated and awarded grants and contracts in the UC Flex accounting system.  Topics include: Manual A323 Preparation, Best Practices in Grant Management, and Cost Transfer Training.  Cost Transfer Training is required before submitting any cost transfer requests to PI’s for approval or Reallocation Requests to SRS Accounting Grant Administrators for processing.

Occurs Every Other Month in University Hall

Contact Cindy Lasonczyk, Sponsored Research Services, Accounting Division with any questions.

Online Training

Conflicts of Interest in Research

Target Audience: All faculty and staff who conduct research at UC

Research Office: Office for Ethics in Industry Engagement

Faculty and staff who participate in funded research at the University of Cincinnati must complete training on promoting objectivity in research. This training is required every four years, at a minimum, due to federal regulations governing conflicts of interest in research. The course for meeting this requirement is available in the UC online training application CPD (Continuous Professional Development). If you are a UC employee and have not completed the Conflict of Interest Training, you will not be able to complete your Outside Activity Report.