Office of Research
University Research Council, Faculty Research Cost Support Awards Program (Previously known as the Faculty Research Grant Program)
This program provides summer stipend support or research support for the development of faculty research and scholarship. URC grants are meant as pilot grants to leverage additional extramural funding in the STEM areas and as grants to interpret and enhance disciplinary knowledge in areas where extramural funds are not generally available. URC funding is primarily meant for those writing their first grant.

Name College Department Title
Bhiwapurkar, Pravin DAAP Other Investigating Residential Building Typologies and Indoor Thermal Stress during Extreme Heat Events in Cincinnati, OH
Biener, Zvi A&S Philosophy The Genesis and Reception of the Rules of Philosophizing, and What They Say about Contemporary Physicists and Philosophers
Britton, Benjamin DAAP School of Art Delphi Oracle virtual reality project
Carbonell, Vanessa A&S Philosophy Moral Dilemmas in Dementia Care
Fiol, Stefan CCM Composition, Musicology & Theory Dialects of Dhol-Damaun: Drumming as Historiography in the Uttarakhand Himalayas
Flournoy, John A&S Journalism Reporting the Revolution
Katz, Ethan A&S History Becoming Resisters: The Alliance of Jews and Antisemites That Helped the Allies Win the War
Kickert, Conrad DAAP School of Planning The downtown that never was - past, present and promises of Detroit's urban core
Merianos, Ashley CECH Human Services Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Illness Severity among Pediatric Emergency Department Patients
Norton, Furaha A&S English & Comparative Literature The Uses of Realism in the Postmodern Literary World: Reading Toni Morrison After George Eliot
Odio, Michael CECH Human Services A need for consistency: A comprehensive analysis of the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry that impacts students’ education and career
Rucker-Chang, Sunnie A&S German Studies Roma Inclusion and US Civil Rights: A Legal and Cultural Comparison
Tai-Hang Tsang, Philip A&S English & Comparative Literature The Obsolete Empire: Late Realism in Twentieth-Century British Literature
Tate, Jordan DAAP School of Art The Photo Book and Novel Publishing Processes
Weissman, Gary DAAP School of Arch & Interior Design Ch. 3 of The Death and Life of the Mind at Auschwitz
Williamson, Rebecca DAAP School of Arch & Interior Design Ideal Towns: Contradictions of Urban Form and Experience
Schmidt, Matthew CECH Other Using Minecraft to Promote Computational Thinking and Social Skills for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Smith, Carolyn Nursing Nursing Technology-Based Health Behavior Intervention with At-Risk Teens in Shelters: A pilot study
Chae, Soryong CEAS Energy, Envir, Biol & Med Eng Design of pre-treatment technologies for bioenergy production from bio-oil wastewater
Hamilton, Trinity A&S Biological Sciences Life on ice - The role of microbiota in glacier ice worm adaptation and biogeography
Zhang, Fawen CAHS Communication Sciences & Disorders The Acoustic Change Complex in Normal Hearing Listeners Evoked by Cochlear Implant Simulations

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