Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine (STEMM) Research
In 2012, Dr. Bill Ball, Vice President of the Office of Research, made changes to the Office of Research to allow greater integration and support of research efforts within colleges. In addition, Dr. Ball’s plan was to increase opportunities to promote innovation at the student, faculty, departmental and college levels. One step in this direction was the creation of the UC Board of Sponsored Research within the Office of Research to allow greater transparency of the office within the university, to integrate better the support in helping colleges achieve their research goals, allowing all colleges to participate in how research is to be done at the university and finally, to promote greater interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary efforts.

In 2013, under the new leadership of President Santa Ono, the University of Cincinnati undertook an extensive yearlong process of creating a strategic research plan conducted by the Office of Research through the direction of Vice President Ball. This process was designed along three primary pathways: Pathway A – Research in Health, the Sciences and Engineering (Traditionally Sponsored Research Efforts); Pathway B – Research/Scholarship in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSS); and Pathway C – Industry Partnerships, Commercialization, Workforce Development, and the Role of the University in Community economic development.

Dr. Ball recognized that the UC Board for Sponsored Research could serve as the members of Pathway A. Dr. Ball worked with the Board to produce an initial draft of a White Paper on Research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine (STEMM). In 2014, the Board was renamed the STEMM Research Advisory Board.

STEMM Research Advisory Board

In addition, President Ono asked Dr. Ball to lead an effort to re-evaluate the overall mission for research at UC in the next 5-10 years and build the necessary infrastructure to create a sustainable research environment that takes into account all research at the university and the needs of faculty to remain productive in research throughout their career at UC. Thus, one of the first charges of this group was to make recommendations to the Executive Committee and President Ono of what will be required to make this happen.

The STEMM Research Advisory Board (formerly known as UC Board for Sponsored Research / Pathway A) was formed in 2012 as a permanent committee to support UC Vice President for Research, Dr. Bill Ball, and the UC Office of Research. The role of the Board is as follows:
  • To represent and promote the research interests of the colleges or units within an intercollegiate forum.
  • To promote intercollegiate and multidisciplinary approach to university research.
  • To advise the Office of Research on best practices to promote intercollegiate and multidisciplinary research which will recognize the efforts of all involved.
  • To allow constructive input into the operational management of research at the university.
    To recommend to the Vice President for Research the most productive and efficient use of resources directed at research.  


Interdisciplinary Research Teams Win Strategic Collaborative Grants
The Office of Research has announced the winners of the inaugural Strategic Collaborative Faculty Grant Program, initiated by the Office of the Assistant Vice President of Research, Strategic Implementation.