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2018 Research Launch Award Winners


Open to full-time faculty whose UC careers began in 2016 or 2017, the Research Launch Awards provided $2,500 in summer research funding for researchers who attended at least five OoR Professional Development Series’ workshops in fall 2017 and in spring 2018 semesters. Faculty members could be appointed to tenure, educator, research, clinical or professional practice tracks. A total of 21 faculty attended at least 10 workshops to earn their awards, including:

  • Na Chen

    Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

    "Two workshops regarding the communication of research provided quick tips and semi-simulated environment for me to learn in an efficient way to express my research to the people who are not familiar with my field. This is critically important in the future to share the knowledge and expand my research’s influence to the people with different background."

  • Cathy Stough

    Arts and Sciences

    "I appreciated learning through Office of Research Workshops about the research supports offered to faculty at UC, how to identify funding sources, and how to prepare competitive grant applications."

  • Greg Harris

    Engineering and Applied Science

    "The events put on by the Office of Research throughout the year were invaluable to my development as a professor thus far. I will use the skills taught in the workshops throughout my career and I believe will make me a productive researcher faster than I would have been without the resources provided by the Office of Research."

  • Katie Hobbing


    "The New Faculty Development events throughout the year have provided an excellent opportunity to connect withother faculty members and administrators passionate about advancing research at the University of Cincinnati. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in my new community while learning about the educational opportunities and administrative support available to help advance my research goals."

  • Neil Deochand

    Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

    "The events helped me access information regarding funding opportunities at various levels of the University. Furthermore, attending the events helped to appreciate the types of activities ongoing at the University, ranging from commercial accelerator programs to community initiatives or experimental research."

  • Danny T.Y. Wu


    "The OoR new faulty development program is a great help to me. It improves my ability as an independent researcher, especially in seeking funding opportunities and utilizing UC's research infrastructure. The training I received from the program directly helped my first PI grant."

  • Prashant Khare

    Engineering and Applied Science

    "The workshops organized by the Office of Research were very informative for developing research proposals, both in terms of understanding UC’s internal processes/facilities and working with external funding agencies."

  • Jess Kropczynski

    Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

    "The information gained at the Office of Research sponsored events I have attended has offered me an invaluable number of opportunities to learn about and take advantage of UC resources. Attending this number of events has offered networking opportunities with other new faculty, event presenters, and members of the Office of Research. These connections were helpful to build a team for the OoR Collaborative Research Advancement Grant Program, which was successfully awarded."

  • Bob Hyland

    Arts and Sciences

    "The New Faculty Development Fund Award, and the lessons learned from the concomitant workshops, will be leveraged to further cultivate collaborative partnerships with other UC researchers and the broader community."

  • Annette Rowe

    Arts and Sciences

    "New Faculty development funds will be used to pay for travel to a national (Gordon Conference) and international (International Society for Microbial Ecology) conference this summer where I will be presenting my research."

  • Jingjie Wu

    Engineering and Applied Science

    "I attended most of the seminars on the topic of proposal preparation. These seminars enable me to be familiar with the proposal writing in a short time and provided a lot of useful information that we can utilize in proposal preparation. In the innovation week, I met several other young faculties who have complementary expertise to me. We have started to carry out some interdisciplinary research projects and planned some collaborative proposals."

  • Daniel Sturmer

    Arts and Sciences

    "I attended many of the programming events sponsored by the Office of Research. These events gave insight into the process of finding funding opportunities, writing effective grant proposals, resources available throughout the university, and way to potentially develop and market new ideas and technologies."

  • Amanda C. La Guardia

    Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

    "The trainings I attended over the past year assisted in my understanding of both internal and external grant development, my awareness of supportive resources for research funding acquisition at UC, and improved my ability to communicate the importance of my work."

  • Kelly Kennedy

    Allied Health Sciences

    "With the training and education from the faculty trainings and the conferences that I will attend I hope to develop my own research agenda here at the University of Cincinnati."

  • Nathan Morehouse

    Arts and Sciences

    "I found the professional development provided by the New Faculty Incentive Program to be invaluable in “learning the ropes” at UC. It helped connect me to key people and offices at the university, which has really allowed me to hit the ground running as I build a research group here."

  • Amber Boyd

    Allied Health Sciences

    "Attending research events throughout the year to learn from others at UC and to network with new and established researchers on campus has been an invaluable experience. Through this process, I was able to learn the nuances of establishing a research agenda at UC and to become more aware of the vast resources that UC offers."

  • Anjali Dutt

    Arts and Sciences

    "It was particularly helpful to identify opportunities to connect and grow here at UC. For me, this mainly came from the programs on internal funding, and proposal development. I also very much appreciated having these workshops with the cohort of new faculty—it was nice to see several familiar faces from program to program and envision myself building academic community here in the years to come."

  • Matthew A. Steiner

    Engineering and Applied Science

    "Using the training provided by the University of Cincinnati’s Office of Research seminar series, [my] proposal to the Navy’s Small Business Technology Transfer program was funded this year, and [I] will be working to develop a system that can non-destructively quantify these alloy variations in the field."

  • Patrick Anthony Guerra

    Arts and Sciences

    "My attendance at the events throughout the past year has introduced me to the many valuable resources that are provided by the Office of Research and UC, which can help facilitate the success of my research program. I have also had the chance to meet and connect with many colleagues from other disciplines, and learn what research questions they are asking during these events. These interactions have created opportunities for future research collaborations."

  • Jamie Leslie


    "Activities I attended this year prompted me to work with colleagues as a team to examine the benefits of mind-body practice for undergraduate students."

  • Andrew Wood

    Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

    "The sessions I attended have directly contributed to my understanding of what it means to be a successful faculty member at UC and what I need to do to succeed at that level. Learning about internal and external funding opportunities can be easy enough, but hearing from grant officers within different colleges has been invaluable to learn how to work with others to get the important work done."


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