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The Office of Research to Sponsor Upcoming Smart Regions Conference

The Office of Research to Sponsor Upcoming Smart Regions Conference

Office of Research has partnered with the regional smart cities initiative, to sponsor the upcoming the Smart Regions Conference being held on Oct 24 & 25 at the BB&T Arena in Northern Kentucky. This is the first regional IoT showcase and expo where together, we are going to showcase UC researchers (and student) work alongside other area researchers' work and Industry-born technologies. For details about the conference, please go to: Smart Regions Conference site

In brief, there will be a tech expo, drone and quadcopter races, thought leadership breakout sessions, and a showcasing of regional collaborations. The conference will be attended by public officials, academic and industry experts and leaders, and community leaders committed to technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people.

The Office of Research has made this investment to encourage UC faculty and student participation. Because we are sponsors, it will be free for our students and faculty. This is a GREAT way for faculty and students to network and develop relationships with researchers outside UC, government officials, community leaders, and industry leaders in the IoT space. 

Some themes of the event that may be of interest to researchers and students in your colleges and UCRI:

The future of mobility/smart transportation/systems
The city of tomorrow/resiliency
The built environment
Public health & safety
Medical technologies
Advanced communications
Future computing technologies & applications
Industry 4.0, advanced/smart infrastructure and manufacturing 
Emerging materials