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Smart Investments

Smart Investments

As part of the Office of Research’s ongoing work to support our faculty researchers, grants to bridge funding gaps are both strategic and essential. "The investments", said Vice President of Research Patrick Limbach, PhD, Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of Chemistry, "are targeted to ensure high-quality research can continue while proposal renewals are being evaluated by federal agencies."


The initial Office of Research Bridge Funds were awarded for:

  • Tracking migration patterns and genetic changes in butterflies to mark the impact of climate change. For more than 20 years, researchers have collected critical data about 21 butterfly populations and the climate in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Office of Research Bridge Funding ensures that research remains robust as lead investigator Steve Matter, PhD, an associate professor of Biology who is an affiliate faculty in Environmental Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences, heads into the field with undergraduate students this summer. Matter and his team expect renewal of ongoing National Science Foundation funding support soon and will also collect data to seed future federal funding proposals. The Office of Research’s $15,000 bridge funding award supplements funding support from the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Developing simple gaming technologies to help patients overcome common speech impediments. The Office of Research’s $30,000 bridge grant to lead researcher and Professor Suzanne Boyce, PhD, of the College of Allied Health Sciences, sustains her work across disciplines to develop novel approaches to speech therapy. Learn the details behind and impact of her ongoing by clicking the link above.