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Advantage: Office of Research Support

Advantage: Office of Research Support

From their first days on campus through their academic careers, researchers at the University of Cincinnati have access to Office of Research support—in training and extensive resources as well as internal funding opportunities—for their work.

This year, learning and spreading the word about that support netted new hires and early career researchers alike special incentives.

"At the Office of Research, we want researchers to access the support they need to succeed,” says Teri Reed, PhD, Assistant Vice President for Faculty Research Development, Office of Research, and Professor of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering & Applied Science. “Through our ongoing workshops and training opportunities, we are continually looking for new ways to promote professional development and spur innovation and collaboration."

"Supporting early career faculty and researchers newly hired by UC allows us to nurture and invest in the talent required for groundbreaking scholarship,” adds Pat Limbach, PhD, Vice President for Research, Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of Chemistry. “It’s exciting to connect our researchers across a wide range of disciplines and provide them with specific and practical resources, training and opportunities for collaborations."

Reed points to two recent programs that offered monetary research rewards to faculty who participated in OoR research development activities. They are: