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Welcome to new faculty researchers in 2019

Welcome to new faculty researchers in 2019

Findings | Oct. 3, 2019

The Office of Research is thrilled to welcome all new faculty members across the University of Cincinnati for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

We would like to extend a special "Thank you" to the 68 incoming faculty researchers who attended the OoR's New Faculty Orientation day devoted to research. 

They are:

Academic Affairs and Provost Division

Doreen Grontkowski
Heather Nester
Kenneth Pope

College Conservatory of Music

Donald Hancock
Sharon Huizinga
Alan Rafferty
Shauna Steele
Matthew Tibbs

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Peter Campbell
Stephen Ettorre
Sara Khoshnevisan
Donghoon Kim
Daniel Kiracofe
Munir Nazzal
Stacey Schutte
John Weidner

College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

Jenna Alvarez
Arriana Bedgood 
Amelia Bowdell 
Amber Burley Munnerlyn 
Lauren Colley 
Nelly Elsayed 
Lori Foote 
Shane Halse 
Matt Huml 
Jherilyn Hutton 
Peyton Stensland

College of Business

Michelle Johns
Maria Webb

College of Allied Health and Sciences 

Christopher Allen 
Myava Clark 
William Phillips 
Carrie Rountrey 
Jennifer Vannest

College of Arts and Sciences 

Drew Abney 
Matthew Bayliss 
Deniz Bilman 
Morgan Finy 
Elizabeth Hobson 
Pratheesh Kumar Jakkala 
Paul Justice 
Mirjam Kotwick 
Yang Li 
Senping Luo 
Rajinder Mavi 
Shureka Nyawalo 
Jeungeun Park 
Miriam Poteet 
Calloway Scott 
Jennifer Sinclair 
Brent Stoffer 
Alexander Thurston 
Gregory Winger


College of Medicine

Gopala Koneru 
Fahad Waqar


College of Nursing

Eva Fried 
Beverly Hittle 
Amber Irwin 
Paul Lewis 
Myrna Little 
Pamela Peavy Lewis 

College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning

Yong-Gyun Ghim 
John Kiley 
Gregory Marinic

UC Blue Ash 

Joseph Baumgartner 
Alex Kemphaus 
Brittany Rogers 
Susan Schellbach