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'Each of these researchers has truly excelled'

'Each of these researchers has truly excelled'

Findings | Jan. 13, 2020

The money helped make medical discoveries, engineering breakthroughs and creative solutions possible. It paid for research to improve our education and transportation systems and the environment.

Four years ago, the Office of Research began annually recognizing and hosting a reception for the top externally sponsored UC researchers in both STEMM and AHSS disciplines. And in those four years, the following 95 individuals—who captured nearly $78 million in sponsored awards and contacts—have been recognized at least three times.

"Each of these researchers has truly excelled," says Vice President for Research Patrick Limbach. "Money isn't everything, but it is necessary to keep our important research going all across UC. We commend these researchers for their resourcefulness and hard work."

For more info on opportunities for internal and external funding follow this link to the OoR's Research Development tools

4x Winners

Opeolu Adeoye

Mark L. Baccei

Vladimir Bogdanov

Richard D. Branson

Joseph P. Broderick

Jose A. Cancelas-Perez

Philip Maurice Cathey

Kelly Cohen

Robert M. Cohen

Laura Conforti

James Cullen

Melanie T. Cushion

George Samuel Deepe

Melissa P. Delbello

Kimberly Downing

Guochang Fan

Carl J. Fichtenbaum

Fred D. Finkelman

Greer L. Glazer

Michael D. Goodman

Joshua B. Gross

Jun-lin Guan

Vadim Guliants

Ephraim J. Gutmark

Jason C. Heikenfeld

Christy K. Holland

David Y. Hui 

Benjamin M. Kelcey

Pooja Khatri

Brett M. Kissela

Dawn O. Kleindorfer

Edward Latessa

Jay Lee

Alex B. Lentsch

Michael S. Lyons

Francis X. McCormack

Robert McNamara

Mario Medvedovic

William Miller

Diego Perez-Tilve

Timothy A. Pritts

Alvaro Puga

Eric Rademacher

Tina A. Reponen

Carol H. Rice

Atsuo Sasaki

Jeffrey David Schlaudecker

Kenneth E. Sherman

Michael D. Sokoloff

John A. Sweeney

Thomas B. Thompson

Michael C. Tranter

Patrick P.W. Tso

Rayma L. Waters

Alison A. Weiss

Sarah W. Whitton

Theresa Winhusen

Daniel Woo

Ying Xia

Yana Zavros

Jun-Ming Zhang

3X Winners

David S. Askew

David I. Bernstein

Jason T. Blackard

Michael T. Borchers

Victoria Carr

Steve Davidson

William Sean Davidson

Charles R. Doarn

Robin S. Engel

Matthew L. Flaherty

Anna D. Gudmundsdottir

Ying Guo

Nishant Gupta

Lynne Tracey Haber

Richard J. Harknett 

Siddarth M. Khosla

Steven D. Lange

Kathie J. Maynard

Julie Morrison

Peter Nagy

Andrew B. Norman

Jamie C. Robertson

Sakthivel Sadayappan

Carrie Sullivan

Christopher Swoboda

Grace Thome

Yi-Gang Wang

Jason Joseph Winnick

Changchun Xie

Meifeng Xu

Jane J. Yu

Xiaoting Zhang

Photo by Amaury Gutierrez on Unsplash