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UC will start using new system to track and manage sponsored research

UC will start using new system to track and manage sponsored research

Findings Staff Report | Feb. 17, 2020

The Office of Research has some big news to share. The University of Cincinnati is transitioning to Kuali, effectively replacing Coeus. 

Kuali comes with greater capabilities that should enhance user experience and save time. It has greater capabilities, for example, checking for errors and making validations for submissions. It gives users custom dashboards to manage projects.

During the implementation of this system throughout this year, the Office of Research will be working closely with the university-wide research community to streamline processes and improve efficiency. These improvements should bring a welcomed change for all researchers and grant administrators working with sponsored programs.

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What is happening?

The Office of Research is replacing UC’s electronic Research Administration system which manages all of UC’s sponsored research awards—from proposal stage through award and closeout. UC is moving to the Kuali sponsored programs system.

When is this happening? 

Implementation began in late January and will continue until the end of the calendar year in December 2020.

Why is this happening?

UC needs to better unify the research grant submission process, plus, the system we currently use is no longer being supported, to it’s time for an upgrade.

How did UC decide to make this change?

The process was designed to ensure input from many stakeholders. A committee comprised of faculty and staff from across the university reviewed the university’s options. While they found that no system was perfect, Kuali provides UC the best combination of features it needs and the security it demands. 

Should I care?

This change impacts principal investigators and business/grant proposal administrators the most, but anyone involved in sponsored research activities on campus is likely affected in some way.

What now?

That’s all for now, back to your regularly scheduled programs. 


Contact Associate Vice President Patrick Clark, or Software Applications Developer Lead Ketaki Mhaisekar,