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'These awardees represent the best of the best’

'These awardees represent the best of the best’

Findings Staff Report | Jan. 11, 2021

In January of any normal year, the Office of Research would recognize its annual top sponsored research awardees at a special ceremony, but the pandemic has made that impossible this year. Top awardees for fiscal year 2020 in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences secured over $100,000 in external support. Within the STEMM disciplines, the top awardees brought in more than $275,000. 

So—despite the pandemic limiting any in-person activities—UC is proud to congratulate the more than 150 researchers who met those criteria. 

Provost Kristi Nelson notes that, “These awardees represent the best of the best. It has been an extremely challenging year, yet they have continued to push boundaries and positively impact others through their research, scholarship and creative activities. They represent our Next and I am proud of the positive impacts their work is having within our global society.”

“I am so proud to see teacher-scholars represented from across the breadth of UC’s disciplines in this list of awardees” says Patrick Limbach, UC’s vice president for research. “Research2030 is focused on enhancing our reputation and impact—to do so requires researchers from every discipline, and these awardees’ successes last year, and years prior, illustrate how committed our faculty are to sustained success.”

To those top awardees, and all of the nearly 600 individuals who captured external research funding at any level in 2020—researchers and scholars who are actively transforming our society through creation of game-changing new knowledge and application of disruptive discoveries—our congratulations and thanks from the Office of Research. 

Kudos. Especially to those researchers and scholars listed below, who have been recognized as a Top Awardee four or five of the last five years.

College of Allied Health Sciences 

4X winner

Shauna P. Acquavita


College of Arts & Sciences 

5X winners

Michael D. Sokoloff

Sarah Whitton

4X winners

Anna D. Gudmundsdottir

Richard J. Harknett


College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Services 

5X winners

Benjamin M. Kelcey

Edward Latessa

4X winners

Victoria Carr

Robin S. Engel

Kathie J. Maynard

Julie Morrison


College of Engineering & Applied Science

5X winners

Ephraim J. Gutmark

Jay Lee


College of Medicine

5X winners

Opeolu Adeoye

Mark L. Baccei

Richard D. Branson

Joseph P. Broderick

Jose A. Cancelas-Perez

Robert M. Cohen

Melanie T. Cushion

George Samuel Deepe

Melissa P. Delbello

Guochang Fan

Carl J. Fichtenbaum

Fred D. Finkelman

Michael D. Goodman

Jun-lin Guan

David Y. Hui

Pooja Khatri

Brett M. Kissela

Alex B. Lentsch

Michael S. Lyons

Francis X. McCormack

William Miller

Diego Perez-Tilve

Timothy A. Pritts

Alvaro Puga

Carol H. Rice

Jeffrey David Schlaudecker

Kenneth E. Sherman

John A. Sweeney

Thomas B. Thompson

Michael C. Tranter

Patrick P.W. Tso

Theresa Winhusen

Daniel Woo

Ying Xia

Jun-Ming Zhang

4X winners

David S. Askew

Jason T. Blackard

Thomas C. Blakeman

Michael T. Borchers

William Sean Davidson

Steve Davidson

Matthew L. Flaherty

Lynne Tracey Haber

James P. Herman

James E. Heubi

Andrew B. Norman

Jaime C. Robertson

Peter J. Stambrook

Jason Joseph Winnick

Changchun Xie

Xiaoting Zhang 


College of Nursing 

5X winner

Greer L. Glazer 


UC’s Leather Lab

4X winner

Steven D. Lange