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These UC researchers and scholars are leading us into the future

These UC researchers and scholars are leading us into the future

Findings Staff Report | Jan. 11, 2022

Six years ago, the Office of Research began recognizing every University of Cincinnati faculty researcher and scholar who secured a certain amount of funding for their work the previous fiscal year.

We keep track, and 43 individuals have been honored all six or five of the six years. We call them our rainmakers. 

“These individuals are always moving UC forward as a public research institution,” says Vice President for Research Patrick Limbach. “Each is working to change our world for the better.”

Those on the list include researchers from five of UC’s main campus colleges. This year individuals who captured $200,000 or more in the areas of the arts, humanities or social sciences and over $450,000 in funding related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics or medicine were recognized.

Money isn’t everything, but it does help fuel UC’s vision, Research2030, to use our various areas of expertise and strengths to change our world. When we say Next Lives Here, we mean next-level education for our students, but we also mean next-level research. Without further ado, congratulations to these 43 individuals. 

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College of Allied Health Sciences

Shauna Acquavita, School of Social Work

College of Arts & Sciences

Anna Gudmundsdottir, Chemistry

Richard Harknett, Political Science

College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Services

Victoria Carr, Education

Robin Engel, Criminal Justice

Benjamin Kelcey, Education

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Kelly Cohen, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Ephraim Gutmark, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Jason Heikenfeld, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

College of Medicine

Mark Baccei, Anesthesiology

Jason Blackard, Internal Medicine

Thomas Blakeman, Surgery

Richard Branson, Surgery

Joseph Broderick, Neurology and Rehabilitation

Jose Cancelas-Perez, Hoxworth Blood Center

Robert Cohen, Internal Medicine

Melanie Cushion, COM Dean, Office of Research

Steve Davidson, Anesthesiology

William Sean Davidson, Pathology & Lab Medicine

Melissa Delbello, Psychiatry

Guochang Fan, Pharmacology & System Physiology

Carl Fichenbaum, Internal Medicine

Michael Goodman, Surgery

Jun-lin Guan, Cancer Biology

Lynne Tracey Haber, Environmental and Public Health Science

James Heubi, Pediatrics

David Hui, Pathology & Lab Medicine

Pooja Khatri, Neurology and Rehabilitation

Brett Kissela, Neurology and Rehabilitation

Dawn Kleindorfer, Neurology and Rehabilitation

Michael Lyons, Emergency Medicine

Francis McCormack, Internal Medicine

William Miller, Molecular Genetics

Andrew Norman, Pharmacology & Systems Physiology

Jaime Robertson, Internal Medicine

Diego Perez-Tilve, Pharmacology & System Physiology

Thomas Thompson, Molecular Genetics

Patrick Tso, Pathology & Lab Medicine

Alison Weiss, Molecular Genetics

T. John Winhusen, Psychiatry

Daniel Woo, Neurology and Rehabilitation

Ying Xia, Environmental and Public Health Science

Changchun Xie, Environmental and Public Health Science

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