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Findings is the Office of Research’s newsletter, which began in October 2017. It delivers monthly updates to faculty, staff, students, and community partners about impactful research, initiatives, partnerships, events, and opportunities at the University of Cincinnati. To view current and previous issues of the newsletter, go to the Findings page.

The Urban Futures Pathway

The Urban Futures Pathway

The Urban Futures Pathway is the University of Cincinnati’s strategic investments in research infrastructure, talent, and activities in four verticals: 
1. Use-inspired/applied research (Digital Futures); 
2. The arts, humanities, and social/behavioral sciences (Society & Culture); 
3. Biomedical & sustainability R&D (Bioscience & the Bioeconomy); and 
4. The development of P3 projects and partnerships. 
The Urban Futures Pathway is a key component of Next Lives Here, UC’s Strategic Direction. In the 2022-2023 Academic Year, Urban Futures introduced two verticals: Society & Culture and Bioscience & the Bioeconomy. These new verticals focus on growing programs of excellence here at UC through new research investments.

ELEVATE The Future: Society & Culture 

Centered on the non-STEMM disciplines at UC, our Society & Culture vertical is elevating research that expands our knowledge about that which makes us human and how we express this very idea. Our actions and investments in these areas will catalyze and grow world-class research programs that advance our knowledge about the brain, human cognition, language, social behavior, and culture. Our objective is to make key investments in our faculty to retain and attract the top creative and scholarly talent to UC. 

IMAGINE The Future: Bioscience & the Bioeconomy 

Our Bioscience & Bioeconomy vertical capitalizes on the breadth of our research expertise. At the center of our Bioscience effort are researchers pushing the boundaries of discovery in digital medicine, nanobiomaterials, and medical devices. Our Bioeconomy efforts bring cross-disciplinary teams together to address critical questions around natural resource sustainability at the nexus of food, energy, and water. For example, the UC Office of Research has partnered with the Center for Public Engagement with Science (PEWS) to increase the public's awareness of impactful sustainability science happening at UC and has teamed up with the UC Office of Sustainability to obtain a Gold STARS rating in 2023, as recognized by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). 

Please stay tuned to future issues of Findings, as the Office of Research develops more programming opportunities that will be part of these new Urban Futures Pathway initiatives.