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Meet the 2024 URC Faculty Scholars Program Finalists

Meet the 2024 URC Faculty Scholars Program Finalists

The URC Faculty Scholars Research Awards Program recognizes promising early-career faculty at UC who are proposing transformative, future-shaping ideas that are either discipline-focused or interdisciplinary in nature. Different from all other internal funding programs offered by the UC Office of Research, the URC Faculty Scholars Research Awards is not a grant, but rather an honorific award for excellence in research and scholarship. 

Each year, following a two-stage application and evaluation process, eight UC faculty members within the areas of Arts & Humanities, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Science & Engineering are awarded $25,000 for 24-months. Awardees are expected to be announced the week of March 4, 2024. 

URC Faculty Scholars Research Awards Program 2024 Finalists 

Matthew Bayliss


Expanding Access to NASA's James Webb Space Telescope By Building a New Student-Focused Hub for Data Analysis


Patrick Beymer


Piloting a Weekly Self-Regulation Intervention in Applied Calculus


Wayne Black

Sports Administration

A Narrative History on Historically Black Colleges and University College Athletics from 1852-1954


Emily Jane Braun

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Test-retest reliability of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) for language tasks in adults with post-stroke aphasia


Shelina Brown

Composition, Musicology and Theory

Queen of Noise: Yoko Ono's Music and Feminist Activism


Sriparna Ghosh

Business and Economics

Effect of socio economic determinants on cancer survival in Cincinnati


Kathleen Grogan


Acclimatization to extreme climate events in the ring-tailed lemur


Orlando Hoilett

Biomedical Engineering

MyA: A Multi-Biometric Sensor Vest for People Living with Angelman Syndrome (AS), Autism, and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Joss Kiely

School of Architecture and Interior Design

Master Plan: Soft Power and the Rise of Architectural Expertise


Donghoon Kim

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Next-Gen Torque Generator for High-Efficiency Applications


Eunjee Kwon

Department of Finance

Effectiveness of Housing Voucher Program: Evidence from Small Area Fair Market Rent


Christopher Platts

School of Art

Diversifying Medieval Venice and Its Artistic Traditions: Towards a More Inclusive, Global Middle Ages


Stacey Schutte

Biomedical Engineering

Uterine Fibroids: The Role of Mechanotransduction


Katie Winters

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Caregivers' insights into their children's intervention for concomitant stuttering and speech sound disorders


Xiaomo Xiong

Division of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences

Using Real-World Data to Reveal the Hidden Economic Burden of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias with Machine Learning


Benjamin Yavitt

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Closed Loop Recycling of Biobased Plastic Packaging