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CincyAI and Digital Futures Partnership: Growing AI Talent in our Region & Beyond

CincyAI and Digital Futures Partnership: Growing AI Talent in our Region & Beyond

Digital Futures focuses on convergent research and applied solutions to real-world problems. Digital Futures' new partnership with CincyAI serves as a compelling illustration of how P3 (Public-Private Partnership) initiatives take shape, foster the advancement of new knowledge, and can lead to innovative solutions that can have lasting impact. 

CincyAI, founded by Kendra Ramirez and Helen Todd, hosts Meetup for Humans, a monthly meeting for AI enthusiasts which takes place at Digital Futures (DF) in partnership with UC AI experts. Attendees come in droves to connect and share all that they know about AI: tips, tricks, failures, successes, ideas and more. The meetup is for enthusiasts of all levels, including AI experts, AI builders, AI users and the AI curious; all are welcome regardless of experience and skill. The foundational partnership established between DF and CincyAI reinforces the fact that the University of Cincinnati is the thought leader in AI and applied computational research in our region.  

How did this get started? It began when the founders of CincyAI attended the Digital Futures Grand Opening 2.0 event and discovered the DF AI Bio Lab on a tour of the building. There they met UC Professor Dr. Kelly Cohen, the AI Bio Lab Leader, at the Flashpoint panel discussion on AI the very same day. Combining the growing online network led by CincyAI and the location and AI expertise of faculty and staff at UC, the first in-person Meetup for Humans happened at DF in October of 2023. The event attracted seventy-two attendees, an impressive turnout. That number has since more than doubled and CincyAI@DF has become the largest AI meetup in the region.  

UC values its partnership with CincyAI and is committed to the growth of AI excellence in and around the greater Cincinnati community. The next CincyAI Meetup takes place at Digital Futures Tuesday, March 5th, from 3-5 pm in DF room 140 (ground floor). Prior to this meetup, Kendra and Prof. Cohen will co-host AI training 101 for beginners and the AI curious at 2:30pm. Interested in attending? Sign up here here