Skin Science and Technology Collaborative

The scientists and researchers at the Skin Science and Technology Collaborative advance the boundaries of skin science, skin technology and commercialization – and have decades of innovation to help advance a wide variety of missions.


Our vision engages a diverse set of non-competing industry members and research partners who connect, collaborate, and co-create synergistic skin science research opportunities by accessing The University of Cincinnati’s top-in-class skin science and technology expertise and infrastructure across campus.

Collaborative research and access to expert researchers will accelerate value- creation for all S2TC partners:

  • Industry partners benefit from acceleration and incubation of skin- focused solutions that are highly valued by consumers for their health, wellness, and lifestyle benefits, as well as compelling intellectual property arrangements
  • National, state, and local funding bodies benefits from basic/applied/commercial research opportunities, co-created by S2TC industry and academic partners, leading to wise tax revenue investment choices, economic development, and growth.
  • Faculty and students, in line with their academic mission, creates new knowledge for academic dissemination and publication, and thereby stimulate additional research opportunities that span across multiple disciplines. Students also benefit from the opportunity to collaborate, and build relationships, directly with industry partners.


S2TC specializes in three main areas: Skin Health (biology, sensory), On-Skin Technology (biomechanics modeling, deposition & transport, imaging, materials & chemistry, skin sensors), and Therapeutics (clinical sciences, drug discovery and development). We tackle your challenges head-on and deliver an impressive ROI beyond what one might typically expect from an academic center. We quickly take science out of the lab and translate it into real-world, relevant skin solutions.


Procter & Gamble (P&G) is the founding partner behind the Skin Science & Technology Collaborative. Research is fundamental to P&G’s approach to product development, and this Collaborative – exclusive to UCRI – is pivotal to making transformative innovation happen for P&G and the global consumers the company serves across multiple categories and brands such as Olay, Old Spice and Head & Shoulders.

In addition, Shriners Hospital for Children and Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) have partnered with researchers at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for many years to solve skin challenges for their patients. Together, these partners are creating new ways to solve age-old challenges with skin and tissue healing and health.

Who We Are

  • Heather Norton

    Executive Director S2TC

  • Jerry Kasting

    Professor, College of Pharmacy

    Skin Technology, Therapeutics

  • Jason Heikenfeld

    Professor, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

    Skin Technology

  • Andrew Steckl

    College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

    Skin Technology, Wound Healing

  • Je-Hyeong Bahk

    College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

    Skin Technology

  • Steven Boyce

    Professor, College of Medicine

    Skin Technology, Wound Healing

  • Kevin Li

    College of Pharmacy

    Skin Health, Therapeutics

  • Giovanni Pauletti

    Assoc. Professor, College of Pharmacy


  • Peng Zhang

    Assoc. Professor, College of Arts & Sciences

    Skin Health, Therapeutics, Materials

  • Bill Heineman

    Professor, College of Arts & Sciences

    Skin Technology, Skin Health, Therapeutics

  • Tom Beck

    Professor, College of Arts & Sciences

    Computational Chemistry