International Collaboration

While the University of Cincinnati strongly supports international collaboration and values our partners, it is important that everyone at UC understand the current regulatory landscape and the importance of transparency.

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Complying with NASA Policy when Completing Grant Applications

The information below is intended to guide users to complete the NASA Biosketches, Current & Pending Support, and other information.

Note that in addition to the traditional forms of support, some Institutional resources must also be disclosed.

Current & Pending Support, Biosketches and Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources

Current and Pending Support and Biosketches must be provided for all senior personnel and faculty associates. The term "senior personnel" includes:

(Co)Principal Investigator(s) - the individual(s) designated by the grantee and approved by NASA who will be responsible for the project's scientific or technical direction. If more than one, the first one listed will have primary responsibility for the project and the submission of reports.

Faculty Associate (faculty member) - an individual other than the Principal Investigator(s) considered by the performing institution to be a member of its faculty or who holds an appointment as a faculty member at another institution and who will participate in the project.

Current & Pending Support

PIs and Co-PIs must provide full disclosure of all ongoing and pending projects and proposals, both domestic and foreign, regardless of whether salary support is received and in which they are performing or will perform any part of the work. Co-Is proposing to spend 10% or more of their time on the proposed effort must disclose ongoing and pending projects and proposals that require greater than 10% of their time.

Current and pending support is not required for Co-Is at non-U.S. institutions and is usually not required for students (although it may be requested).

Please refer to the NASA Guidebook for Proposers Responding to a NASA Funding Announcement (May 2020) for further details regarding current and pending support.

Review the solicitation carefully for program-specific requirements.


The biographical sketch must include professional experiences and positions, along with a bibliography of publications, especially those relevant to the proposed investigation. A description of scientific, technical, and management performance on relevant prior research projects must also be included.

Please refer to the NASA Guidebook for Proposers Responding to a NASA Funding Announcement (May 2020) for further details regarding biosketch requirements.

Review the solicitation carefully for program-specific requirements.

Other – NASA China Certifications and Questionnaire

According to the Grant Information Circular 12-01 Class Deviation Implementing NASA Restrictions On Funding Activities With The People's Republic Of China (PRC) Effective April 25, 2011

"NASA is restricted by specific applications of Section 1340(a) of The Department of Defense and Full-Year Appropriations Act, Public Law 112-10 (NASA's 2011 continuing resolution), and Section 539 of the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriation Act of 2012, Public Law 112-55 (NASA's FY 2012 appropriation) from using funding appropriated in the Acts to enter into or fund any grant or cooperative agreement of any kind to participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally in any way with China or any Chinese-owned company, at the prime recipient level or at any subrecipient level, whether the bilateral involvement is funded or performed under a no-exchange of funds arrangement."

Updating Information for Award

Complying with NASA Policy when Updating Information for Award
Current & Pending, Biosketch

If the Proposal Update seeks information regarding the biosketch or current and pending support, ensure that any new or previously unreported required information is included.