Research Cybersecurity

Provides guidance and training to facilitate compliance with cybersecurity regulations for research initiatives including the management of information, equipment and other technology for CUI and no-CUI projects.

All Forms, Policies and Procedures are now located within Research How 2, where faculty and staff will find a centralized location for all their transactional needs.

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati’s Office of Research – Security & Ethics Cybersecurity space.  This office was established as part of UC’s commitment to providing appropriately secured environments for researchers.  Providing appropriate cybersecurity controls for research initiatives will provide researchers with the necessary confidentiality, integrity, and availability to be successful with their projects.

As the University of Cincinnati continues to seek initiatives with the Department of Defense and other government organizations, the focus on having appropriate and necessary cybersecurity controls to protect the confidentiality and integrity of research is ever increasing.  The University of Cincinnati is dedicated to providing researchers with a supportive environment to continue research initiatives which include DFARS clauses which manage the security and integrity of Controlled Unclassified Information.  The UC has established a policy for handling Controlled Unclassified Information that can be found here.

As technology becomes more accessible, the need to provide a secure environment for research initiatives becomes more critical to protect the confidentiality and integrity of projects.  Cybersecurity controls are not limited to DoD projects and the Cybersecurity office and many other projects will have cybersecurity needs which need to be identified and implemented.  

The cybersecurity office is here to assist researchers and their support teams with identifying appropriate security controls to meet all Cybersecurity requirements for research initiatives.  For questions, requests, or concerns regarding Research Cybersecurity needs, please contact us at


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