International Collaboration

While the University of Cincinnati strongly supports international collaboration and values our partners, it is important that everyone at UC understand the current regulatory landscape and the importance of transparency.

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NIH Frequently Asked Questions

Other Support submissions must be submitted as a flattened PDF, after all signatures are obtained (see Format Attachments for more details). Recipients and applicants may use the electronic signature software of their choice, and in alignment with their institutional practices. A typed name is not an electronic signature and is not acceptable.Applicants and recipients must maintain supporting documentation to reasonably authenticate that the appropriate individual signed the form. Recipients must and make the documentation available upon request in accordance with 45 CFR Part 75.364.

Consulting that falls outside of an individual’s appointment, separate from institution’s agreement, must be disclosed as Other Support.

No, NIH does not require disclosure of recently completed support in Other Support submissions, only current and pending resources.