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Research Administration Portal (RAP) Animal Operations (AOPS) and IACUC Shutdown

At this time, RAP AOPS and IACUC are still offline, and a new “go live” date and time has not been determined.  Please continue to follow the processes that are currently in place.  We will notify you when the migration/upgrade is nearing its completion and the site ready to reopen for business.

Processes to follow during the shutdown/migration:

Animal Orders - (must be received before Tuesday midnight for orders delivered the following week):

  • Route form (via e-mail) to your Business Administrator (BA)/Fiscal Approver
  • BA/Fiscal Approver  routes form (via e-mail) to; cc the Subject Line of the e-mail, state “Approved”. The e-mail will serve as the BA’s approval of the account string

Service Requests - (submit at least 3 business days in advance):

  • Complete all fields on the Service Request Form 
    • Please include all details required to process the request, including applicable room numbers, number of units, number of hours, date/time service is requested, etc.
    • Ensure an account number is provided on all requests. The account number will be required to enter billable charges into the new system
    • Failure to complete all fields will result in delays processing your request

Room Reservations - (first come first serve basis):

  • Each LAMS-maintained procedure room will have a paper calendar on the door which will be used to sign up for and reserve the room by date and time

Weaning and Separating Cages:

  • Breeder (Reserve) cards will remain in the separation packets
    • These cards will be marked with a highlighter to distinguish them from active cage cards already on cages in the housing rooms
  • Continue to fill out the information on the separation sheets per standard practice
    • There must be an “on census date” listed for each cage card removed from the packet
    • Total number of births must be documented on the sheet

Additional Services -  The following services will not be provided during the migration period:

  • Transportation – if there is an urgent business need to transport animals, please contact to discuss
  • Animal Transfers – these will be processed after July 12th
  • Import/Export Requests – these will be processed after July 12th

IACUC Protocol Submissions 

  • The IACUC office will not be processing reviews (amendments, triennials and new protocols) during the shutdown.  If you have an urgent need that must be handled, contact for guidance.


What's new for RAP AOPs?

Activations and Deactivations of Cage Cards

  • All Activations will now be completed by LAMS Staff
  • Process for Activations:
    • Remove Reserve card(s) [formerly known as Breeder cards] from the separation packet.Complete all fields on the packet sheet (as done previously).
    • Tear off the top portion of the cage card (formerly what was submitted when deactivating), write the date in the “ON census” box (upper right hand corner) and drop it in any one of the cage card drop boxes located throughout the facilities.
  • Process for Deactivations
    • Take the bottom portion of the cage card (which also has a bar code on it), write the deactivation date in the “OFF census” box (upper right hand corner), and drop it in any one of the cage card drop boxes located throughout the facilities.
  • NOTE:The drop boxes are for both activation and deactivation cards.We do not have separate boxes for the different card types.
  • LAMS collects all activation and deactivation bar codes daily (during regular business hours).
  • Failure to complete the information on the separation sheet or not placing the dated bar code stub(s) into the designated drop box locations may result in a Research Service fee being applied to your account.

Offspring Reporting

  • Each animal housing room where breeding is being conducted will have an Offspring Reporting sheet (by PI and IACUC protocol number) placed in a sleeve inside the separation box located on the shelving unit for personnel to record offspring.LAMS will be collecting the sheets and collating the data on a routine basis.Do not remove the sheets from the housing rooms.
    • Whoever weans the animals (researcher or LAMS) will be responsible for recording the number on the sheet.
  • As per ACUP Policy 107, the following categories of offspring must be recorded:
    • Weaned
    • Culled
    • Any offspring used in experimental procedures and/or manipulations regardless of age

Facilities, Rooms, and AOPS Protocol

  • In the new version of AOPS, you will notice that individual rooms are listed when conducting certain activities – Animal Orders, Service Requests, Room Reservations
    • During the migration, LAMS staff is adding rooms to the AOPS side of the protocols.
    • If you attempt to perform a function and a particular LAMS room (housing or procedure) is not currently listed on your AOPS protocol, immediately reach out to will add the room to the AOPS protocol so you can continue to submit your request.

Room Reservations

  • In the new version of AOPS, room reservation slots will not be blocked on the calendar until the Reservation is “Approved” by a member of LAMS staff.LAMS will do our best to “Approve” reservations as quickly as possible during business hours.


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