The University of Cincinnati Biosafety Office is responsible for performing risk assessments to identify hazards and to guide researchers in implementing safety practices and procedures to minimize or eliminate risks associated with research involving biohazardous or potentially biohazardous materials.

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Lab Accidents

Immediate Response

When working in a laboratory where biological hazardous materials are used, regardless of the safety precautions that are adopted, accidents still happen and it is very important to be prepared for that.

For the list of procedures to be followed upon different types of accidents, visit our immediate response section on our website.

For medical evaluation upon a personal injury and/or exposure, contact:

  • Employees - UC Health Employee Wellness INJURY HOTLINE (513) 585-8000
  • Students  - University Health Services (UHS) (513) 556-2564

If you have been exposed to a biological toxin, contact the Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) immediately at 513-636-5111(24 hours).

If this is a life-threatening accident or happens after hours, call 556-1111 or 558-1111.


Accident prevention is the most important part of the job of the UC safety offices, but we need your help reporting any unsafe condition or situation, so we can investigate and correct problems.

It is important to report all laboratory accidents, regardless of severity.

For the overview on the reporting process and applicable forms, please go HERE.



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Biosafety Office (ML 0767)
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General Inquiries

Phone: 513-558-6182