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The University of Cincinnati Export Controls Office is responsible for protecting the transfer of US regulated information and technology, commodities, and software in the interest of national security and economic growth.

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International shipments of tangible items may require an export license from the Department of State or Commerce depending on the classification of the item, destination, and entity (e.g. research institute, company, university, individuals, etc.). All items have a classification of a USML Category, an ECCN or are designated EAR99. If you do not obtain the appropriate license (or other government approval), or incorrectly file export documentation or shipping documents, it may result in confiscation of the item(s), severe fines and other penalties. Please use our Research How To (RH2) page to find more information related to countries of concern.

The Export Controls Office is here to assist you with export compliance by obtaining licensing, using exemptions/exceptions, and ensuring that you correctly file export and shipping documentation.

The Export Control Office will assist you by:

  • Helping prepare your shipping documents
  • Determine jurisdiction classification of your items:
  • Preparation and submission of export licenses with Department of State Department Commerce or OFAC
  • Preparation and submission of Electronic Export Information (EEI)

Please be aware that the importation of ITAR-restricted defense articles and their associated technical data and software are controlled. A temporary or permanent import license or use of an exemption may be required to import these items.

IMPORTANT: When you are shipping an item internationally, you must consider the import regulations of the destination country. The Bureau of Industry and Security has specific guidance Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.


The Export Controls office can work with you prior to finalizing any purchase orders for controlled items. Together, proper controls such as a technology control plan (TCP) and security of the equipment can be established. Please use our Research How To (RH2) page to find more information related to countries of concern.

It is important to track the equipment, maintain a chain of custody log, including receipt, changes in location, use, and appropriate disposal. Contact the Export Controls Office for assistance with disposal.

It is important to secure the export controlled equipment, data, etc. which includes tracking the whereabouts and other record-keeping.

The Export Control office can work with you to:

  • Request export classification of project, data, and any equipment or items that are received
  • Create a Technology Control Plan (TCP)


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