Export Controls

The University of Cincinnati Export Controls Office is responsible for protecting the transfer of US regulated information and technology, commodities, and software in the interest of national security and economic growth.

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Are you aware controlled technology that could be released to a foreign person is referred to as a deemed export because this information could be taken back to their home country? Under some circumstances, a license may be needed for the release of this technology or technical data to a foreign person while they are visiting or employed in the US.

Restricted Party Screenings (RPS) are an essential part of our export compliance program here at UC. All visitors need to be screened prior to their visit or collaboration. This will determine if the individual, company, and/or institution with whom you engage are on any government issued restricted, blocked, or denied party lists. You can request this screening from a designated employee in your department or the Export Controls Office.

The United States supports and maintains country and entity specific sanctions and embargoes. Each US regulatory agency (Dept. of Commerce, State, and Treasury) has their own list of sanctioned or embargoed countries. These lists are continually updated and it is best to review their websites for the updated information.



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