Office of Research Integrity

The Office of Research Integrity exists to support the generation and dissemination of knowledge by facilitating safe and compliant research and scholarship.

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Handling Concerns

Failure to conduct research responsibly damages the reputation of all researchers and the university, results in wasted resources, and jeopardizes funding. UC is committed to ethical research. We encourage the development of authorship standards, mentoring agreements and other proactive tools to minimize problems. When issues do arise various units across the university are charged with assessing concerns associated with research. We protect whistleblowers.

Concerns involving plagiarism (the use of someone’s ideas, results, or words without appropriate attribution), fabrication (making up data or results), or falsification (manipulating, changing or omitting data/results) constitute research misconduct and should be promptly reported to the Research Integrity Officer. It is very important that we protect the data please ensure that records are preserved.

Additional resources include Graduate Program Directors, the Associate Dean for Graduate Education in your college, the Graduate School, and the Ombuds. While we protect whistleblowers there may be situations in which you prefer to remain anonymous. The university has an outside vendor who manages an anonymous reporting system. You can report anonymously online or by calling their toll free phone number: 1-800-889-1547.

We are happy to point you to other resources internally and externally if you have additional concerns.


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