Office of Research Integrity

The Office of Research Integrity exists to support the generation and dissemination of knowledge by facilitating safe and compliant research and scholarship.

All Forms, Policies and Procedures are now located within Research How 2, where faculty and staff will find a centralized location for all their transactional needs.

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati's Office of Research Integrity. We support the generation and dissemination of knowledge by facilitating safe and compliant research and scholarship. We provide support for protocol development, review, and management; regulatory and technical training and tools; outstanding and humane animal care; we investigate allegations of research misconduct; and we serve as a referral service for areas outside of our purview. We are solution oriented and strive to be contributing partners in UC’s research and academic endeavors. We are here to help, please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

UC is committed to quality, ethical research. Although errors will occur, uncorrected errors jeopardize the integrity of the research record, individual and institutional reputations, and funding.

Sr. Associate Vice President for Research Dr. Jane Strasser serves as the Research Integrity Officer (RIO); she is available to meet with individuals and groups regarding issues surrounding the responsible conduct of research and research misconduct. The RIO manages allegations of research misconduct to protect both the person making the allegation and the person against whom the allegation is made while ensuring that the investigation is thorough and timely.

To minimize the likelihood of plagiarism (the appropriation of another’s words or ideas without attribution) the RIO manages the iThenticate plagiarism detection software license providing access as appropriate. If you would like access to iThenticate to screen your work, please contact the RIO. The RIO also acts as the Coordinator for Responsible Conduct of Research training, supporting the development, implementation, and tracking of scientific integrity training.

In partnership with UC's Graduate School, we are proud to feature a video series created by UC students to promote integrity in research and scholarship. Video topics include workplace safety, professionalism, bias, and reproducible research.