Conflict of Interest

Supports the outside activity disclosure system, providing training and guidance on making complete and accurate disclosures to protect both the employees and university research. Complete COI reviews for SRS/IRB, ensuring UC research is compliant with applicable university policies, and local, state, and federal laws.

All Forms, Policies and Procedures are now located within Research How 2, where faculty and staff will find a centralized location for all their transactional needs.

Overview of this Conflict of Interest Page should read the following:
Welcome to the Conflict of Interest (COI) office.

“The Conflict of Interest (COI) office is responsible for ensuring that the University of Cincinnati is in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations as well as institutional rules and policies governing disclosure of outside activities, conflicts of commitments and conflicts of interest in research.

To protect the integrity of the individual, the institution and the research enterprise, university employees are required to submit an annual Outside Activity Report (OAR) and researchers must complete COI training every four years.

The COI office supports the electronic disclosure system and oversees the OAR Help PORTAL:  We assist employees with getting PRIOR approval for and disclosing ALL outside activities.

We provide guidance and training on:

  • How to submit a complete and accurate disclosure in the Outside Activity Report (OAR) system,
  • Conflict of interest and commitment,
  • Supervisor disclosure review and
  • International collaboration.

The COI office is also responsible for all COI reviews for Sponsor Research Services (SRS), the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Office of General Counsel, University of Cincinnati Research Institute (UCRI), supervisors, etc.”


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