Sponsored Research Services

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All Forms, Policies and Procedures are now located within Research How 2, where faculty and staff will find a centralized location for all their transactional needs.

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati's Office of Sponsored Research Services (“SRS”). The University's research faculty and staff can use these pages as a comprehensive source of support information.

The SRS office provides pre-award and post-award administrative support services to all researchers for sponsored projects. We collaborate with subject matter experts in other central and school offices to offer transparent research administration services, systems, and processes. Our goal is a solution oriented approach to helping every UC researcher, and minimizing administrative burden.

The Grants and Contracts team will review and endorse sponsored project proposals, negotiate and accept awards, and issue subawards on behalf of UC. The Accounting Team establishes accounts in the University’s financial system, maintains and processes records to fulfill the sponsor’s financial reporting requirements, and coordinates the final closeout of awards.

Together, our services provide the checks and balances that are essential for UC to comply with Federal and State regulations, as well as with the University’s own policies. Additionally, we strive to keep faculty and staff abreast of new regulations and sponsor requirements by creating user-friendly policies and procedures, maintaining an up-to-date website, providing training and information events, and communicating sponsor updates on a timely basis. SRS is committed to quality, customer focused support. If you are unable to locate the information you’re looking for on these pages, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our dedicated team members. We are here for you.

The links in the boxes below will take you to the Research How2 (RH2) site which is the repository for our forms, policies, procedures and general resources for processing proposals and awards.


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Sponsored Research Services 
University of Cincinnati
University Hall, Suite 530
P.O. Box 210222 
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0222

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University Hall, Suite 530 
51 Goodman Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0222

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General Inquiries


Phone: 513-556-4817


Email: ospaward@uc.edu

Phone: 513-556-5969

Electronic Research Administration

Email: srs.era@uc.edu